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The Book of Healing




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Weight: 1.66LB


 This is a Kabbalistic Prayer book in Hebrew that is catalogued according to diseases and ailments. The English companion lists the diseases and page numbers. You turn to the prayer book and the appropriate page and meditate and scan the Hebrew for healing.

This healing technology is used to reveal the Divine code that can return us to our divine state. By meditating on these codes we heal ourselves.

Boxed set includes The Book of Healing (English) and companion Kabbalistic Connection Book (Hebrew).



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Custom meditations






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 72 Names of God   Click to Buy


Item Code:B-72NG-E-H-2003

Coded in the Old Testament is the revelation of the name of G-d..  Using a methodology to unveal the code, the 72 Names are revealed. The 72 Names of God is the key – your key – to ridding yourself of physical and emotional problems.The 72 Names of God are not “names” in any ordinary sense. They are codes to the Divine aspects that we each need to manifest.

Weight: 1.88LB



Pub Date:2003

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 The 72 Names of God