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 Cheryl Glover
Cheryl Glover
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Esoteric Secrets of Kabbalah

Description:  Through the ages, ancient mysticism, Kabbalah, has held the secrets of long life, healing, prosperity, and keys to higher consciousness. In this introduction to the power of Kabbalah, Cheryl Glover facilitates as we delve into the secrets of Kabbalah applied to modern life. Join us as we explore the metaphysical knowledge that parted the Red Sea



Creating From The Soul:

Unified Dynamic Consciousness




Creating From The soul


Using your soul and your higher self to manifest what you want.

Cheryl Glover, Author of the book “Creating From The Soul” will facilitate a workshop based on her book‘s tools and methods to raise consciousness and manifest from higher consciousness. 

Creating From The Soul is a journey into the mind and spirit. Through these pages, you will delve into the depths of your soul and find its path to God. The book illustrates ways to open your insights, remove your psychological and spiritual blocks, guiding you to higher consciousness, creating more harmony, and improving your life. We include methods from Kabbalah, New Thought philosophies, Pathwork Center, and others.

Come raise your consciousness as you explore messages from the Prophet Elijah, who will lead you to the higher levels of your soul to find wisdom and understanding.


  Angels: Messengers From God


               Connecting with the Divine Messengers can help your life become divinely guided.  Knowing what is best for your greatest good and your wisest path, can change your life.

Come and experience the connection to Angels.  Feel your particular angels energy.  Connect for a life long relationship.

Find your divine path and your divine mission.

God speaks when we listen with our soul.

  St. Germaine: Ascended Masters



Ascended Masters Speak



Experience the intense energy of St. Germaine and the other Ascended Masters.

Mastering consciousness is the way to ascension. When we learn from those who are masters, we learn the spiritual ways to find more Light in our lives. 

Come and learn from the Masters who have ascended and are in Spirit.  This class will include meditation and channeling.

More than fifty thousand years ago, a golden civilization thrived in a fertile country with a semitropical climate where the Sahara Desert now is. It was filled with great peace, happiness and prosperity and ruled with supreme justice and wisdom by this very Saint Germain.  The majority of his subjects retained full, conscious use of the wisdom and power of God. They possessed abilities that today would seem superhuman or miraculous.

  New Thought Kabbalah

New Thought churches and Kabbalah hold similar principles that are time honored. Kabbalah is a metaphysical system that can be used with New Thought philosophies to ensure a holistic, peaceful way of life. Come find out the metaphysical secrets and the principles that make up New Thought Kabbalah.

   Healing From The Soul: Ancient Masters

Workshop Description: Kabbalah, ancient Hebrew mysticism and metaphysics, has held the secrets of controlling and creating using metaphysical codes. Kabbalists believe that illness and even death is controllable using the secret keys of Kabbalah. Join us, as we explore the healing methodologies that were hidden for centuries.  Cheryl Glover will facilitate this interactive workshop as she reveals the Kabbalistic secrets of a long and healthy life.

  Channeling Healing Angel Meditation

Channeling Your Healing Angel

Connecting with the Divine Messengers can help our life become divinely guided. Knowing how to connect our “healing angel” in times of chaos, change, poor health, and other deep emotional healing events can help us get through these life hurdles. Come and experience the connection to Angels.  Feel your particular angel’s energy.  Connect for a life long relationship with your angel guides. God speaks through Angel messengers when we listen with our healed soul.

  Psychic Surgery


A journey into our own bodies to remove the unwanted energy, masses and unhealed parts of our own bodies.  We will also remove the causes at the cellular level of   dis-ease, and unhealed cells.

In this class you will learn, by various alternative medicine methodologies, to remove what is not wanted in the body—and stay healthy.  We will work on our own bodies and then learn to work on healing others.  Come join us for an interactive class with hands-on and other methods training.

No pre-requisite.  The class will not use one specific healing modality, but will use the most optimal parts of many modalities.


Meditation & Inner Peace



There are multiple intentions and methods of meditation. In this interactive workshop, Cheryl Glover will facilitate and teach the methods and purpose of meditation.  We will learn how to meditate in the various forms.  We will learn why we meditate and which form of meditation best suites the intention. We will explore the ways of meditation around the world.  The principle outcome of this workshop will be to learn meditation for inner peace which will enhance the healing process.

  Meditation Workshop Shopping for the Right Meditation. Meditation: methods, how, why and how again. This class will explore many methods of meditation. Often, the difference between living one's life and living the right life, is our inability to meditate. Many people do not know the proper methods that are available. Why we meditate and what is best for us. In this class, students will learn what is the right method for themselves. Cheryl will present a supermarket of meditation methods and participants will learn to understand what is right for them.
  Psychic Self Defense and Energy purification:

Psychic Self Defense and Energy purification:

Ridding the self and home of negative psychic residue.

Learn to defend against psychic attack, defending against unwanted energy flows that we are all susceptible to. In this workshop Cheryl will teach you to empower your energy blocking abilities, create a more purified environment and techniques to bring yourself into a more purified state of consciousness.  If you are a healer, learn how to control your psychic abilities and not “pick up” others psychic or unhealed energy, including other people’s moods.  Learn to protect yourself against anger and other negative emotions.


  Creating Miracles: Renewing your

connection to the source

Any miracle in the material world must be preceded by a miraculous change in our own character”.

Any miracle in the material world must be preceded by a miraculous change in our own character. We learn to understand that perceiving the world through our healed egos and divine-self guides our path to a conscious connection to God. It is through this connection that we are able to create miracles. This is represented by the Tree of Life as a climb towards God, wisdom and understanding. When we reach this “level” of the soul, we have mastered wisdom and understanding. When we master wisdom and understanding, we master our connection to God and become able to transcend the rules of physics, resembling God and creating miracles.


  Loving God, Creating Holiness--

Unity, Church or Temple Lecture

Available on download

 Loving God, Creating Holiness is an inspirational talk and meditation about connecting to the source and bringing ourselves into a mature spiritual relationship with the Creator. 

Loving God is about what we bring to the table and looks back on what God told Moses as the inspiration for our relationship to God.

  Transforming Darkness into Light

Available on MP3 download

In the depths of our souls there is not anything but God, the Light, and Spirit. Negativity is an illusion, a habit, a condition of our Earth life. Today’s workshop will work on transforming negativity into the Light. We will use a number of methods to move our everyday thoughts to pro-active positive thoughts. We will delve into practical psychology as well as metaphysical practices such as meditation and understanding Ascended Master St. Germaine of the Violet Light of transformation.

In this workshop we will learn to:

*      Control our negative self talk

*      Work on a specific problem to transform

*      Learn about the violet light of transformation through Ascended Master St. Germain.


Psychic Empowerment Training

 2 -3 sessions.

Psychic Empowerment Training

We all have innate psychic skills. You have it, now join us to learn how to use it. These skills can be enhanced, empowered, and mastered. Accessing and using these innate psychic skills can enhance everyday life, allowing us to become more in tune with ourselves and the world. In this workshop, we empower these intuitive skills, increase sensitivity, and develop psychic awareness. We learn practical techniques for exploring telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, and prophesy, use interpretive tools for guidance; meet and work with our spirit guides.
Cheryl Glover is an author, Reiki Master & healer, spiritual teacher & professional speaker on Kabbalah, metaphysics & spirit

  The Secret of Prosperity

The Secret of Prosperity: Creating Prosperity should not be a secret. Are you attracting the best of everything: The most money, best job, best relationship, best health, the time to enjoy it? If you want more out of life, this workshop is for you.

 Cheryl Glover, Author of the book “Creating From The Soul” will facilitate a workshop on creating prosperity by using the principles in the Secret.

In this workshop, we will explore:

*    True prosperity

*    What  blocks us from having prosperity

*    The steps to a prosperous life

*    Using metaphysical and spiritual tools for manifesting prosperity.

  Soul Rhythm

Soul Rhythm

Finding your soul's rhythm. Do you not know what your path is?  Do you not know how to manifest this?  Can you listen to your soul's calling? Come and find your soul's message. This lesson and meditation helps you find your path?  Ask your spirit guides for the right direction.  Find your divine path.

  Hearing the Divine: Learning to Channel. n this workshop we will learn the steps necessary to start hearing messages from Spirit and
learn how to channel those messages.
Cheryl will facilitate this training session providing the process of channeling your own messages and messages for others. It will include exercises to assist you in finding your own
channel. Learn to listen to Spirit and begin to open up to safely allow spirit to speak through you.
The workshop includes an understanding of what channeling is, how to safely access a channel, how to
open up to channel and how to raise your vibration to meet spirit.
  The Angels Speak The Angels bring us a divine perspective on life, healing, love, prosperity, and the nature of the universe.
In this workshop, Channel Cheryl Glover brings forth various Arch Angels to speak to us.
The Angel energy will heal us and the wisdom of the Angels will enlighten us.
As the Angels speak you will feel the difference in their energy , receive angelic healing,
and connect to their wisdom, their knowledge and their love.  Join us for an exciting and healing evening.
  Raising Your Vibration Raising your vibration helps you combat illness, it raises your psychic awareness and ability to communicate with Spirit.  Mostly it keeps you in the Light of the Creator, it raises your consciousness and keeps you in your higher self.  Cheryl Glover will teach you how to raise your vibration and take the higher road.
  Awaken the Healer Inside: Awaken the Healer Inside:

Hands of Healing is a general description of a method of healing
while placing your hands on a recipient. Once you learn the general
way of doing this, then applications or modalities of that: Reiki, quantum healing, EFT, etc, etc, become understandable and logical. You learn the essence of healing, rather than the application of it. Once you understand the essence,
you start to become more discriminate of which modalities are in sync with your natural harmony. Cheryl will then facilitate how to apply hands on healing so that after this class you become a hands on healing practitioner and ready to move forward into different healing modalities.

Through this experience you will awaken the healer inside. The possibilities are then unlimited for each of us is a natural healer. This workshop is about awakening the healer inside each of us and allowing that flow of spirit to lead us to a deepening healing experience. Both for ourselves, and for others.

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The 72 Names of GodThe 72 Names of God