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New Thought Kabbalah Dan Raveh Amulets

Amulets and Jewelry for health, protection, success and many more, based on the world of the Kabala. Handmade and unique, 100% untarnished silver.   


Love Pendant



According to the Kabala, a person’s soul is created from twenty-two letters. Thus, each Jewish amulet and each attempt to help man through acceptance is accomplished with the help of letters.

When I study Kabala I discovered the great strength and special beauty in the letters.

I use a version of Hebrew that is 2,900 years old.  These are the symbols used by Kings David and Solomon and are accepted and important as this is the version that developed written letters and is accepted today by the cultured world such as Greek, Arabic, Latin and of course Hebrew.

In my work I offer assistance to people through the help of the tools of creation which were given to us by the Creator. I received confirmation of the blessing of these amulets from all corners of the world. From people who told me how the amulets helped them and how they influenced by them by their wonderful blessing. Also I received confirmations of their great power from energy therapists all over the world.

They are not only accepted by Judaism but by all mankind, throughout the world, with no difference of religion, race, sex or place.

In this way I am fulfilling my mission to the Jewish people to bring the light of God and with His help to each and every person.

In my work I create energetic tools and with their help, the first creative tools—the letters—and through them I return to the very beginning and the very basics of Kabala.

I create many powerful amulets as well as very strong and energetic jewelry. The jewelry and amulets are made of 925 sterling silver  in a big Judaica factory which ensures that all the laws of the Torah are respected.

I use the metal silver as, according to the Kabala, it is the best and most effective.

In creating and developing these amulets I use the Book of Creation (the source of the Kabala) and the Torah…