Silver: Inscribed Kabbalistic 72 Names  RINGs   

GOLD PRICES are subject to change.

Sterling Silver Custom (72 Name- or Any Hebrew) Rings or Hebrew Name Rings

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Turning Ring

GOLD PRICES are subject to change.





Silver Kotel w Gold Letters All Silver Raised Name Silver w Gold Letters Silver up to 5 Names NSR2
72 Name Gold & Silver Ring

8mm Wide, 1mm thick $98

Walls of Jerusalem

8mm Wide, 1mm thick $69

R13S8 (6.5mm $59)

8mm Wide, 1.5mm thick $79 R15

6mm Wide, 1mm thick $95

(8mm 1.5mm thick $105)


$98.00 Silver w Gold Western Wall $69 Sterling silver 8mm.R13S8 Silver w Gold14K $79   R15 Silver NSR3 Choose up to Six 72 Names 6mm
Choose Size

Choose Size


Choose Size

Choose Size


  $59  Same Ring 6.5 mm R13S6.5   Same 8mm 1.5 thick NSR2
Choose Size


Choose Size


Kabbalistic 72 Name Number 72 Name Choose  Saying Number 72 Name Choose.
K1 72 Names for: Protection K11 Ego
K2 Healing K12 Transformation-Karma- Vav Hei Vav
K3  Love K13 Push away Evil Chet Hei Tau
K4  Shaddai (Shin Dalet Yud) K14 Passion
K5 Happiness K15 Unity
K6 Freedom K16 Heaven On Earth
K7 Soul Mates K17 Speaking the Right Words
K8 Prosperity K18 Dispelling Anger
K9 Wisdom K19 DNA of the Soul
K10 Choose Any  72 Name K20 Choose Any Hebrew Name

72 tree chart







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