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THE POWER OF THE WORD.  This site is dedicated to helping people find the Divine Source and find their connection to the Source.  If you are a seeker of wisdom, spirituality, and the Creator,  you will find our free spiritual wisdom newsletter as a source of inspiration. click here

New Thought Kabbalah  brings the wisdom of the ancient Kabbalists to New Thought Philosophies and provides a bridge between the two.  Our vision is to close a gap between New Thought and ancient mysticism and metaphysics. We also bring the tools of Kabbalah to New Thought organizations. Find out more...


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This site is administered by Cheryl Glover, spiritual counselor, teacher, Reiki Master, healer, channel and lecturer. Cheryl's  book "Creating From The Soul" is available. . Read an excerpt!       Creating from the Soul    See Cheryl in the documentary: SNAKE HILL

"My spiritual goal is to bring metaphysical methodologies to assist people in finding their higher consciousness, spirituality and The Light. I do this through Kabbalah, New Thought, teaching and healing."     -Book: Creating from the Soul   Download Press Kit              Newspaper Interview

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Kabbalah is a tool used by ancient masters to bring us closer to G-d..  It is a method to raise consciousness using the power of the word. It is a healing methodology, a method of connecting with the Creator, manifesting miracles, peace, harmony, love and prosperity. 

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New Thought Kabbalah’s goal is to provide the bridge back to the ancient teachings and tools and provide a synergistic methodology.  Both Kabbalah and New Thought believe that "THOUGHTS", more specifically, our thoughts  ...MORE...


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New Thought Kabbalah

Cheryl R. Glover

Cheryl Glover is among the new and rare breed of spiritual entrepreneurs that combines her MBA business skills with her deep spiritual values. Her background is a mix of corporate business consulting, certified cultural change facilitator, public speaker, and spiritual teacher. Additionally, Cheryl is a professional speaker on Kabbalah, metaphysics, and spirituality. As a Reiki Master and healer, Cheryl has developed a unique healing approach utilizing Kabbalah and other healing modalities. New Thought Kabbalah is a non-profit corporation dedicated to bringing together ancient and new philosophies of Kabbalah and New Thought. This popular website offers a free spiritual wisdom newsletter weekly. Although Cheryl manages this online business, her love is speaking to groups and teaching workshops.

Cheryl’s life purpose is to bring metaphysical methodologies to people to assist them in finding their higher consciousness, spirituality, and The Light. Teaching, speaking, and writing support her spiritual goals.

Cheryl began her career in business, with a MBA and 20 years experience speaking in technology groups while she also taught in the spiritual community. For example, Cheryl is a certified cultural change facilitator and facilitated 3000 people through a change management program during a three-year period. Cheryl was an executive with Telcordia Technologies and other Bell System companies for twenty years. She has spent the last three years transforming her business skills into a spiritual entrepreneur.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, Cheryl is the Executive Trustee and President of New Thought Kabbalah. She oversees the day-to-day operations, provides the newsletter, website content, and supports the community with a “healing and blessings” page. Additionally, Cheryl teaches workshops on many spiritual and metaphysical topics including Kabbalah, Kabbalistic healing, raising consciousness, and channeling. Her clients include people in search of spiritual counseling, healing, and channeled messages.

Spiritual Resume


¨         M.A. in Philosophy of Metaphysics; B.A. Philosophy & Psychology;

¨         Reiki Master Certificate by Diane Stein (Essential Reiki, All Women are Healers, etc.);

¨         Phoenicia Pathwork Center Studies (Intensive program: 9 weekends a year) for three years, plus other weekend workshops;

¨         Kabbalah Centre: Various Kabbalah Courses;

¨         New Seminary: Rabbi Gelberman, NYC;

¨         Healing Modalities: Reiki, Chi Gong, Emissary and numerous others;

¨         Seminars, workshop, retreats, etc.: Twenty years of multiple topics include:

o       Kabbalah

o       Channeling

o       Ascended Masters

o       Angels

o       Psycho-spiritual methods of raising consciousness

o       Buddhism

o       Shamanism

o       Meditation methods

Cheryl speaks at churches, spiritual centers, spiritual groups, and conventions. Additionally, for the past twenty years she taught classes on New Thought Kabbalah, Kabbalah Introduction, “Healing from the Soul,” Creating Miracles using Esoteric Kabbalah, Kabbalah Meditation, Reiki Healing, Spirituality and Business, Channeling, and Angel Meditations. Cheryl has been a guest speaker at Unity Churches Sunday morning services. Currently, she is touring with a workshop on her book, Creating from the Soul.

Cheryl has taught multiple classes in:

·         Introduction to Kabbalah

  • Healing From The Soul
  • Creating Miracles: Kabbalah
  • Kabbalah Meditation
  • Introduction to Channeling
  • Energy Work and Chakra Centers
  • Channeling Emissary
  • Know Your Angels
  • Reiki 1-3, Master Classes
  • Psychic Development
  • Learn Healing Modalities
  • Consciousness Raising
  • Ascended Masters Speak
  • Creating from the Soul


Cheryl’s book Creating from the Soul: Unified Dynamic Consciousness™ was released in June 2005. She is featured in a soon to be released documentary referencing her channeling talents called “An Historical Prospective on the Lost Soul’s of Snake Hill.” You can also hear Cheryl’s radio interview on News for the Soul at  featuring New Thought Kabbalah and her book release.


Creating from the Soul

Creating from the Soul is a metaphysical journey into the “Light of the Truth” and the “Darkness of the Ego.” Through these pages, you will delve into the depths of your soul and find its path to God. The book illustrates ways to open your insights, remove your psychological and spiritual blocks, guiding you to higher consciousness, creating more harmony, and improving your life.

We include methods and philosophies from Kabbalah, New Thought, Pathwork Center, and other insights.

Come raise your consciousness as you explore messages from the Prophet Elijah, who will lead you to the higher levels of your soul to find wisdom and understanding.

Synopsis:  Creating from the Soul is a never-ending journey into the “Infinite Spirit.” Elijah, the Prophet teaches us the methods to raise our awareness. He explains that our path is to obtain our Masters degree in Consciousness. Towards this journey, Elijah helps us to understand our nature, our soul, and our psychological blocks. He provides us with an understanding of dynamically moving our consciousness to the higher realm of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. He teaches us how to manifest from this realm. Cheryl Glover provides us with an analysis of Elijah’s teachings. She gives us methods from other philosophies as well as psychological tools to assist us on our journey. This book is a manual in obtaining your Masters in Consciousness. It includes messages from Elijah, guidelines, analysis and tools that you can use to improve your life by creating from higher consciousness by unification with God.

Creating from the Soul reaches out to the "silent majority" of “non-traditional religion seekers” as it explores Kabbalah, New Thought philosophies, psychological and metaphysical traditions. Other books on the subject are often too technical, complicated, or one-sided. Creating from the Soul delves into mysticism, consciousness raising insights, and empowering tools for life.

In Creating from the Soul Elijah guides us in raising consciousness Current trends show a heightened interest and popularity in this type of work. This is the first book of its kind that includes a channel and integration of Kabbalah and other time honored principles and philosophies.