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Christmas Message:  2004:  I AM Holy

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

This holiday I would like to take us back to look not at the meaning of Christmas, not the religious writings and not even at the teachings of the person Jesus (Joshua).  Instead, I would offer an understanding of what it means to be presenting a holy consciousness.

I offer an understanding of what it means to be presenting a holy consciousness. Holy consciousness would mean that we have reached the highest of ethical standards, the purest of our thought forms, the best of our potential, the most open hearted we could be, unconditional love, a pureness of heart, harboring no evil, no hate, no prejudices, no judgments. Although few may ever reach this realm or state of consciousness, we ought to understand what it would look like. A self evaluation of holy consciousness might assist us towards this process of obtaining higher consciousness.

I present this in the form of questions for meditation and contemplation. They are not complete. They never could be. They are offered as food for thought.

Would you, could you keep an inner peace and inner harmony when your enemies were at your door?
Would you, could you respond in love when someone is showing you hate?
Would you, could you share everything you have with the needy?
Would you, could you be humble in the sight of your greatest deeds?
Would you, could you place your life in service to God?
Would you, could you be a teacher, even when your students shun you?
Would you, could you transcend the material world and master instantaneous manifestation?
Would you, could you treat all people of all creeds and all stations like equals?
Would you, could you always treat others with kindness?
Would you, could you live and die by what you stand for?
Would you, could you let go of your ego to get out of the way?
Would you, could you heal others never caring for your own safety or comfort?
Would you, could you defy governments to offer your gifts?
Would you, could you lead others in faith, knowing that they risk everything?
Would you, could you wage a war against evil?
Would you, could you be able to discern good from evil?
Would you, could you not be in anger, fear, doubt, hate, pride and greed?
Would you, could you see the divine in others when not all they show you is divine?
Would you, could you see into the soul of others?
Would you, could you be at peace when the world is at war?
Would you, could you love someone, just one person, unconditionally?
Could you love everyone, unconditionally?Blessings

2004 @ copyright New Thought Kabbalah  Reprint is permitted with reference to New Thought Kabbalah and this link.

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Cheryl Glover
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