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New Thought Kabbalah Kabbalah Rings, Hebrew Custom Rings, Amulet Rings

Amulets and Jewelry for health, protection, success and many more, based on the world of the Kabbalah. Unique rings including Amulet Rings and Rabbi Blessed Rings.  


 Five Metals  Blessing Kabbalah Bracelets

This King Salomon shield pendant is one of 30 different designed five metal rings & pendants blessed,supervised and signed by Rabbi David Kaduri in "Nachalat Itzhak Yehsiva" - Jerusalem

The bracelets is made from 5 metals and produced once a month when Jupiter rules the moon.
Remedy for success, grace and graciousness, to be happy and accepted by all. If the bracelet or ring was made the previous month then shipping should take 1 week, if not it could be 5 weeks. email for details.

Thou shalt make unto thyself a ring (circle/round) of five metals,of gold, and silver, and tin, and copper, and lead (metals that have been mined from the ground).  The joining of these metals will produce a cycle of electrical energy, the energy of the earth itself.

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Kabbalah Five Metals Rabbi Blessed Bracelets & Rings




























Hand made - 5 metal Kabbalah bracelet

The Kabbalah 5 metals ring - G.O.D's Blessings Charm (Hebrew letters "G-D will bless and protect you")
 My new Charm  Pendant, the Pendant of Five Metals, the Pendant of Power.  

Pendant diameter: 14mm

Red leather Bracelet combine with silver 925 beads

length: 7.5 " -  18 cm .  

925 sterling silver.


G.O.D Protection Bracelets

Hamsa with Chrysoberyl


$99.99  14 mm

$119.99    21mm









The Hamsa pendant with 0.7 carat Cat's eye Chrysoberyl 



Shma Israel Prayer

Five Metal Rings

$99.00 21mm



Five Metals Rabbi Blessed Pendants
Unique Designs

5 METALS Elements Pendants

5 Elements Pendants made of Sterling silver with 18 karat gold on top - underneath the gold there are layers of lead, tin and copper. On the heart is the 72 Name for Unditional LOVE. On the other pendants an engraving of the ‘72 names of God’ – means Protection



“You shall take of the five elements: gold and silver, copper tin and lead and make a ring out of them on Saturday night after the new moon. You must finalize your work before the call of the rooster, wear it AND YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES...

Authentic Kabbalah items, designed by great Kabbalistic artists who were trained by distinguished Rabbis of Israel that examined and approved the final products.

This star of David  pendant is one of 20 different designed five metal rings& pendants supervised and signed by Rabbi David Kaduri in "Nachalat Itzhak Yehsiva" - Jerusalem


Made as it written of 925 silver sterling Gold 14k, tin, copper & lead




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 The 72 Names of God