Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Heart Chakra Pendent

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Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Heart Chakra Pendent


Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Heart Chakra Pendent

Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Pendant on Ball Chain in Sterling Silver

Crystals and gems commonly used to balance this chakra are aventurine, green and pink tourmaline, apophyllite, malachite and rose quartz.

• Approximately 1" diameter in size

Representing the element of Air it is conceived to be green in color exemplified by green enamel.

Essential oils most applicable to this chakra are rose, bergamot, melissa, jasmine or rosewood.

The fourth chakra is associated with a gradual increase of consciousness, as it sits between the lower three and upper three chakras. However, primarily, it is the center of unconditional love.

Emotionally, when this chakra is blocked, you're likely to feel wounded or victimized. When the energy from the fourth chakra is disrupted, you may have trouble protecting yourself from emotional harm because you generally feel raw and emotionally vulnerable.






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