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Other Articles By Cheryl Glover






 By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah


Why are human beings always dissatisfied?


"Blame Heaven!!"


"What?" said one of my students. "What did you say Cheryl?"


"I said, it's heaven's fault."


Imagine. You fall asleep and you are met by a Masterly figure in a beautiful golden robe. There is a halo around him/her-- it is difficult to distinguish the gender.


The person glows. When you come close you are hugged and an incredible feeling of Love emanates from the person. You are totally accepted, loved, understood, appreciated, and esteemed.


You, in turn, feel unconditional love back. You are surrounded by loved ones, friends and friends you did not know you had. They also emanate unconditional love and you feel unconditional love back.


You look around. There is a beautiful effervescent hue to the air. Colors of pink and golden hues matrix the atmosphere. Everything is beautiful. There isn't any up or down, there just is.


There are no disagreements, no competition, no disrespect, no rudeness, and no jealousy. Truth is evident. There are not people "doing," there are people "being." They are emulating the Supreme Being. There isn't any fear, doubt, hatred or poverty. There is only prosperity. No one wants for anything because there isn't any possessions and therefore, there aren't any "needs." There isn't any good and evil, there just IS. There isn't any duality: no heaven that is separate from earth-- just existing. All the souls experience unity- one soul in existence.


Everything is perfect. It is everything you can imagine.


Yes, heaven is perfect. Do you know what that means? Death is perfect. Whoa!! "So you mean that when God created Adam the world was perfect. The Garden of Eden was perfect?"  Yes. "Additionally, before we were born we experienced heaven which is perfect?"  Yes. "Furthermore, between lifetimes we experience heaven?" Yes. "Also, at night when our soul soars, we sometimes experience Heaven?" Yes. "Finally, sometimes when we meditate and pray and we climb the Tree of Life we experience a piece of Heaven." Yes.


"So what's the problem?"


"We don't live there." At least not at the moment. We're incarnate here. Moreover, "here" is NOT perfect. Therefore, when we compare heaven to earth we can't help but be disappointed and dissatisfied. Especially since we've been there (heaven) so many times before-- it's in our subconscious. We want it perfect and it just isn't. It never will be. That is reserved for heaven.


It is hard for us to accept that. So we can always Imagine.


For the words for John Lennon's Imagine click here.



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