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Genuine Native American treasures:  Kachina Dolls (Katsina), Zuni Fetish, Pottery, Dream Catchers, Jewelry and other artifacts. 

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What are Kachinas?  There are hundreds of Hopi Katsinam, "personations" of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors who help the Hopi people raise their crops, their children, and their spirits. The Katsina dancers are men wearing masks--each of which represents a particular Katsina--and paint and feathered costumes. Everyone in the village, aside from the children, knows that the Katsina dancers are actually men from the village, though Katsinam are still believed to have supernatural powers. Much of the value in these dances is found to be instructing the young. Signed and numbered.  Please choose leather color: Blues/Greens, Red, White, Black, Tans/Browns 6", 10" or 12"

Kachina Dolls Kokopelli Navajo Kachina Fertility Dancer DollKokopelli is probably the most well known Kachina. He is known as the hunchback flute player who plays to bring rain and also to attract women. Kokopelli is a fertility god. He is a baby maker, and his hump, along with his pouch, is filled with beautiful gifts to distribute to the women he attracts.
Kachina Dolls Left Hand Hunter Navajo Kachina Dancer DollLeft Hand Warrior: Siyangephoya has overcome many challenges because he is left-handed. Because his gear is reversed, he must use his right hand to draw an arrow or to shoot his bow rather than his left, which is normal for other Kachinas. Despite his odd behavior, he is an excellent hunter and valued by the tribe.
Kachina Dolls Lizard Navajo Fighting Kachina Dancer DollThe Lizard is a valuable fighting Kachina who is also viewed as an advisor in uniting sweethearts.
Kachina Dolls Medicine Man Navajo Great Power Kachina Dancer DollMedicine Man: There are not many versions of this Kachina. He possesses the power to cure and prevent sickness by mixing herbs. Most tribal members go to him for advice.
Kachina Doll Morning Singer Navajo Town Crier Kachina Dancer DollThe Morning Singer This Kachina represents early morning or dawn because he appears at dawn during the Bean Dance and announces the news. He sings songs to wake the village while passing out bean sprouts for the people to eat. 
Kachina Dolls Mudhead Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Mudhead is one of the most well known Kachinas and can take the place of any other Kachina during a ceremony. He is reddish-brown and is said to have been painted with mud from the bottom of a sacred spring. Mudheads play many different roles; dancers, drummers, announcers, singers and clowns. The Mudhead also plays games with the audience during rest periods between dances. They represent flexibility.
Kachina Dolls Ogre Navajo Disciplinarian Kachina Dancer DollThere are several types of Ogre Kachinas. The most common is the White Ogre, which represents good. The Black Ogre is used to threaten small children when they misbehave. He is called the boogeyman.
Navajo Kachina Dolls Great Spirit Buffalo Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll OWL: This Kachina is beneficial to agriculture because he destroys harmful rodents. He symbolizes intelligence, wisdom and a good hunt. The Owl appears in the Mixed Dances. He is best known for his interactions with the Clown Dancers. He watches the Clown Dancers' poor behavior with strong disapproval. When the Clown Dancers are finished performing, the Owl Kachina whips them with yucca blades to punish them.
Kachina Doll Priest Killer Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll During the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the Indians of New Mexico and Arizona revolted against the Catholic Church in an attempt to retain their religious freedom. Legend states that a Hopi named Yowe killed and beheaded a Franciscan priest. After this incident, the Hopi referred to Yowe or the Priest Killer as an Ogre Kachina who had the power to punish others. 
Kachina Doll Rainbow Navajo Kachina Dancer DollRainbow Kachina Doll:  This extremely colorful Kachina represents the desire for peace and harmony between tribes.
Kachina Doll Ram Navajo Kachina Animal Dancer Doll RAM: The Ram is a game animal said to have the power to cure the ill and bring rain.
Kachina Doll Raven Navajo Kachina Dancer DollIn the beginning, Raven was first and foremost a Creator and Trickster god, especially of the Haida (Northwest Coast) tribe, who claim he discovered the first humans hiding in a clam shell and brought the humans berries and salmon. Raven is also the long-suffering victim of arch-rival in trickery, the Coyote.
Kachina Dolls Red Tail Hawk Navajo Kachina Dancer DollRed Tail Hawk functions more as sergeant-at-arms or policeman. In this role they either enforce an action, such as community cleaning, or as guards to prevent the approach of anyone or anything to the proximity of a location or ceremony. When the Red Tail Hawk appears with other Guard or Warrior Kachinas in a group they are functioning as warriors. They surround the more sacred Kachinas as a small but ferocious army of fearsome creatures.
Kachina Doll Roadrunner Navajo Kachina Dancer DollRoad Runner: This Kachina dances for the gods to bring rain, which is essential for the growth of crops. He also protects homes by warding off witchcraft.
Kachina Dolls Snake Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Snake Dancer is rare and his ceremony is considered to be one of the most sacred. When a snake is found, this Kachina captures the snake and dances with it, usually in his mouth. When the dance is completed, the Kachina returns the snake to its home and sends a message with the snake to Mother Earth requesting that she grant their wishes.
Kachina Doll Snow Navajo Kachina Dancer DollThe Snow Kachina represents the snow and the cold moisture that covers the land and helps the crops in the springtime.   The inner process of winter provides the foundation for enlightenment in the spring.
Kachina Dolls Squash Navajo Chief Kachina Dancer Doll  The Squash is a Chief Kachina for the Pumpkin Clan. There are few members of this clan left and their stories are not very well known. This Kachina is a wise spiritual leader. He also appears as a runner on First Mesa.
Kachina Dolls Standing Buffalo Warrior Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Standing Buffalo Warriors is not a dancer, but is responsible for an adequate food supply for the winter. Buffalo Warriors usually appear in action, as though they were hard at work
Kachina Dolls Sunface Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Sunface Kachina represents the spirit of the sun and is considered one of the more powerful Kachinas because the Sun is thought to be the brightest and largest of all the stars.
Kachina Dolls Three-Horn Navajo Warrior Kachina Dancer DollThe Three Horn Kachina is a warrior who dances furiously, making pleasant and rhythmic sounds. He is a guard Kachina and represents swiftness and action.   
Kachina Dolls Warrior Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Warrior Kachina is a very important war Kachina and acts as a guard to secure the village.
Kachina Dolls Warrior Mouse Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll The Mouse is not a dancer, but is a hero of a Second Mesa legend. A mouse undertook the task of ridding the village of a pesky chicken hawk. He did this by taunting the hawk and eventually tricking him into diving onto a stake. He is known as the Warrior Mouse.
Kachina Doll White Cloud Navajo Kachina Dancer Doll  The White Cloud Kachina represents the beauty of the clouds and brings moisture for the crops.
Kachina Dolls Wolf Navajo Hunter Kachina Dancer DollThe Wolf is considered a great pack hunter who helps and guides the hunters on large combined hunts by using his great knowledge to find and capture game animals. The Wolf Kachina appears in the Mixed Dance and the Water Serpent ceremony. After these dances the Wolf is offered cornmeal or prayer feathers so the tribe may learn from him and secure game on their hunt. As hunters, the Wolf Kachinas navigate the earth, the stars, and the sea. They alert others to danger. 
Kachina Dolls Zuni Rain Priest Navajo Kachina Dancer DollZuni Rain Priest: This Kachina is said to have power over the rain, but his main purpose is to accompany the Shalako during the Rain Dance.
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