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Native American Treasures: Connecting To Our Earth

Genuine Native American treasures:  Kachina Dolls (Katsina), Zuni Fetish, Pottery, Dream Catchers, Jewelry and other artifacts. 

What are Native American Kachina or Katsina?

There are hundreds of Hopi Katsinam, "personations" of supernatural beings, important animals and ancestors who help the Hopi people raise their crops, their children, and their spirits. The Katsina dancers are men wearing masks--each of which represents a particular Katsina--and paint and feathered costumes. Everyone in the village, aside from the children, knows that the Katsina dancers are actually men from the village, though Katsinam are still believed to have supernatural powers. Much of the value in these dances is found to be instructing the young. Signed and numbered.

Native American Made Hoop Dancer Katsina Doll by Sammie Walker (Navajo-Hopi)
Sammie Walker Hopi/Navaho Kachinas
Sammie Walker
navajo eagle kachina 
Navajo Katsina
Navajo Katsina
Native American Hopi Carved Hemis Katsina Doll by Milton Howard
Hopi Full figure Kachinas
Hopi Full
Native American Hopi Carved White Buffalo (Mosairu) Great Spiritual Protector Katsina Doll by Milton Howard
Hopi Miniature
Hopi Mini
Native American Hopi Carved Butterfly Maiden Dancer Sculpture by Lauren Honyouti
Hopi Katsinam Sculpture
Old Style Hopi Carved Bear (Hon) Traditional Powerful Warrior Katsina Doll by Bryan Nasetoynewa
Traditional Old Style Hopi Katsinam

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