Land of Israel Necklace  

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Land of Israel Necklace

Land of Israel Necklace
Brown Leather Cord

Made of a crystal glass pendant Filled with earth and water from sites throughout the biblical Land of Israel including: Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, The Dead Sea,
as well as other locations throughout the land.

The layers of earth inside creates beautiful color variations.

This unique, one of a kind, beautiful Holy Land keepsake! comes with a certificate of authenticity and a coded map of Israel detailing the various sources of earth and the layers they represent.

Hand crafted by artisans in Jerusalem.

Wear the Land of Israel as a beautiful necklace close to your heart and keep Israel in your mind.

Connecting to the Holy Land brings blessed energy.

Land of Israel Necklace with Brown Leather Cord


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