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Looking Up To Hashem

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah


This weeks newsletter is about the concept of bowing to the Divine Light. Why we do it, and what does it means. Many people do not realize that prostrating yourself has it origins deeply ingrained in Judaic tradition. The Torah says that Abraham and Isaac prostrated themselves to El Shaddai. In fact this is the nightly prayer translated from the Hebrew:

"....And we prostrate ourselves before the King of Kings, The Holy Blessed One.
And all mankind shall then cal out Your Name and You shall turn back to Yourself all the wicked ones of the earth. Then all the inhabitants of thaw world shall recognize and know that, for You, every knee bends and every tongue bows. Before You, Hashem, our God, they shall kneel and fall and shall give honor to Your glorious Name. And shall accept the yoke of Your Kingdom and You shall reign over them, forever and ever.

... As it is written in the Torah: Hashem shall reign forever and ever, and it is also stated: Hashem shall be King over the whole world and, on that day, Hashem shall be One and His Name One. (Zecharyah 14.9)

In Chabad, very religious sects and Kabbalah prostrating still occurs. It has been replaced by reformed Jews to say (praise Hashem--no bowing.)   What is the Kabbalistic significance of bowing down. In Kabbalistic terms it is not because Hashem would want that kind of attention, obedience or praise. It is also, not because we are lowly and need to show our humbleness before our Master. We bow for one reason: it is to bring ourselves from our place on the Tree of Life (Malchut, the lowest level--on the floor), to Keter the highest level up high. We prostrate ourselves to remind ourselves that Malchut is physical, is low, is dense-- and that our divinity, our higher-selves, our higher consciousness, our higher soul-- is not on the ground. In fact, we bow to remind ourselves to be "Looking Up To Hashem."  We remind ourselves to get out of our ego, look towards the Light, do not stay where the negativity is, but raise ourselves.

Each of the specific bows in the Kabbalistic ritual is to connect us with the Name of Hashem. Each bow is a connection to the divine name, reminding us that we are all interlocked and in actuality One Soul: Adam. And it is this reminder that brings us our humanity. We therefore, understand that the good we need to perform is at the Malchut level by bringing the divine energy to that level by keeping our eyes on God.

May the blessing of Light shine on you,



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