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Badger (south)—healers, aggressiveness, perseverance

Bear (west)—healer, strength, introspection

Buffalo—strength, endurance to rise above one’s weaknesses

Butterfly--Butterfly directs the medicine man to ingredients that can be used in medicine. The Butterfly Kachina brings together unmarried men and women. During the butterfly social dance they appear as a pair, one female and one male.

Deer—abundance in the natural world

Eagle (zenith or sky)—spirit, a connection to the Divine

Hawk—see things differently, Change

Owl—wise, smart, patient, the unseen


-The Sunface Kachina represents the spirit of the sun. This leader of ceremonies brings warmth, shelter for the old, a bright future, and playfulness for the young. Essential to life and growth.

-The White Cloud Kachina represents the beauty of the clouds and brings moisture for the crops.

-Zuni Rain PRiest: Kachina is said to have power over the rain, but his main purpose is to accompany the Shalako during the Rain Dance.

-The Mouse is not a dancer, but is a hero of the Second Mesa legend. A mouse undertook the task of ridding the village of a pesky chicken hawk. He did this by taunting the hawk and eventually tricking him into diving onto a stake. He is also known as the Warrior Mouse.

-Roadrunner: This Kachina dances for the gods to bring rain, which is essential for the growth of crops. He also protects homes by warding off witchcraft.

-Raven: In the beginning, Raven was first and foremost a Creator and Trickster god - especially of the Haida (Northwest Coast) tribe, who claim he discovered the first humans hiding in a clam shell and brought them berries and salmon. Raven is also the long-suffering victim of arch-rival in trickery, the Coyote.

-Apache Crown The Apache Crown Dancer Kachina is also known as the Mountain Spirit Dancer. He possesses the power to heal and treats his patients by blowing away the sickness.

-Antelope: The Antelope is a game animal whose purpose is to dance for others of his kind. This Kachina also aids in bringing rain, making the grass grow, and ensuring there is plentiful food for the future.

The Three Horn Kachina is a warrior who dances furiously, making pleasant and rhythmic sounds. He is a guard Kachina and represents swiftness and action.

Authentic Native American Kachina Dolls: Navajo dolls are used to represent our spiritual connection. Choose from three sizes  These are not manufactured in China but are the genuine article made by Navajo Native Americans, using real feather, fur, etc.

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Ceremonial Hoop Dancer

Fancy Dancer:

Warrior Mouse

White Cloud

Fox: Dancer Runner

  Warrior Kachina     


Sun Face

Chief Kachina



Zuni Rain Priest

Apache Crown: Healer

3 Horn: Action


Hemis: Happiness from Prosperity


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Kachina of the Month Club                   Page 1 Page 2

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