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New Year Message:  2005:  I Believe

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

Although you may find this unusual, this years message takes a detour and reviews a spiritual book in disguise:  Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. Hogfather is a fictional story about Santa Claus (Hogfather in Britain)  who is missing.  Terry Pratchett is a humorous writer and the story is funny and fantasy oriented.  However, at the end of the story comes the most philosophical understanding about the concept of believing in the concepts of life.  It leads us to look at what and why we believe so many things.  Most importantly, we look at the complexity of the world of fantasy weaved into our basic concepts of existence.

To begin with, I believe in God, life, love, family, harmony, happiness, integrity, hope and happiness. Sometimes I don't experience all of these at all times.  Sometimes I have to believe in them during those times.  If I do not believe, maybe the sun will not rise for me. Maybe if I do not believe in hope, I will cease to exist.  Maybe belief is the more important of human talents.  Maybe it creates the human condition.  What I know, is belief may not actually create it--- but it does make the human condition more bearable.  It is belief that feeds my soul.  The reason I may cease to exist if I do not believe, is that without the food for my soul, my spiritual essence, I may not want to exist.

So this New Year, look at your good beliefs and at your dysfunctional beliefs.  Keep the good, but above all things:  BELIEVE!   I Believe!

Blessings, LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL OF YOU,  Cheryl

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Cheryl Glover
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