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OUCH!  What is this?

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

In the last week I have been abandoned, judged, accused, let down, disrespected, and defamed. This was by friends, family and strangers.

This week's article is on judgment. I received an email from someone who thinks the Kabbalah Centre is a cult. Someone then accused me of not living up to my word because my CDs are delayed. Someone accused Rabbi Berg of being self-serving because the Kabbalah Centre brings in a lot of money.  Someone wrote me from Safed saying they never heard of Rabbi Weinberger or Red Strings.  I can go on and on.

One of the effects of living in a democracy is that we have freedom to question authority.  This includes our President and leaders.  This is a good thing. However, sometimes, after elections we get in this habit.  Furthermore, it also brings a culture which promotes judgment.  We have become a culture of judges, accusers and sentencers.  The problem is that this conflicts with our spiritual growth.

One of the steps to spiritual growth is learning not to judge where another is on their path.  Why? Because we do not see the larger picture.  We do not see another person's struggle and hardship.  We do not empathize with their pain. Furthermore, because we are human and make just about as many mistakes as they do, we should not judge another as if we were a god. Not one of us is perfect, and to demand perfection is futile.

One the other hand, we have rights to expect people to do their best to live up to their own commitments, integrity and honesty.

Where is the line between judgment and righteousness? I will tell you that I do not know the answer.  However, at least I know there is a line.  What this means is before I judge, I ask certain questions:  1) Did the person intend to deceive or inconvenience me? 2) Am I perceiving this in the right way, in truth? Maybe I do not see the big picture, or all the details? 3)Is it true that this person failed me, or is it my impatience? 4) Do I have all the facts? 5)Do I make the same mistakes that they do? 6) What did I contribute to the situation? 7) Am I bothered about this because of a past hurt, that I haven't resolved? (In other words does this push my button because I'm in the past?) Am I over-reacting because of past experience? 8) Am I caught up in my own negativity or the negativity of others? (e.g. negative publicity).

As a Kabbalist I make a commitment to my own spiritual evolution. My commitment is to raise myself up the tree of life.  As such, I know that if all these judgers come at me I must have allowed negativity and judgment in my life. (I say as I put my Red String back on).




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I am also committed to the truth.  The truth is the Kabbalah Centre is not perfect, and have made many mistakes and has become "trendy".  However, it is not a cult. The truth is that making money is not a bad thing as long as you share.  They give away millions in Zohars worldwide and assist millions of people. I know the truth is I was delayed in getting my CDs out due to technical difficulties and that Rabbi Weinberger teaches at the Yeshiva and is the guide at the tomb of Shimon Ben Yochai.  However, I also know that I have said negative things and judged others and that is why I am judged.  Moreover, I am not perfect and I have made mistakes.  Therefore, the real truth is that as humans we can only keep trying to be of a higher consciousness.  We can only try to be compassionate and understand our humanness.  It is only understanding that gives us our ability to be compassionate.

Compassionate about errors our fellows make.

Compassionate about failings.

Compassionate about delays.

Compassionate about choices of integrity

Compassionate about struggle and pain

When I hear publicity about famous people or places, I absorb the information similarly to an airplane's "black box".  I keep the information and research it.  I do not judge it correct or incorrect.  I merely absorb it.  I then allow time and life to see if it can move to truth or falsehood.  Therefore, if a tabloid says 'X"  I merely let that sit until I have more information.  Much more info.  For it is never "X" and it is never "Y". Truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

I am not an ascended Master, nor am I lost a spirit.  I am somewhere in the middle.  Still trying.  Trying hard to ascend.

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