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Wishing Wheel-life's compass.

אנא בכוח גדולת ימינך תתיר צרורה, קבל רינת עמך, שגבנו, טהרנו נורא.

נא גיבור, דורשי יחודך, כבבת שמרם. ברכם, טהרם, רחמי צדקתך תמיד גמלם.

חסין קדוש, ברוב  טובך  נהל  עדתך. יחיד, גאה, לעמך  פנה, זכרי קדושתך.

שועתנו        קבל,         ושמע         צעקתנו,        יודע          תעלומות                                               ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד.


אבג,  יתצ,  קרע,  שטן,  נגד,  יכש,  בטר,  צטג,  חקב,  טנע,  יגל,  פזק,  שקו,  צית.

This praying wheel contains in itself the whole  "ana b’koach" prayer.

In the inner wheel, only the first letter of each word is represented ( aleph, bet, gimel,אבג  etc. ). On the outer wheel the last line of this prayer is engraved. It is the last line that is spoken at the end of this prayer.

This wheel has three main roles:

 A: meditating. The prayer enhances the power of our meditation and connects us to heaven.

B: to receive answers or guidance on very important matters in our lives by short way ( one letters group).

C: to receive answers or guidance on very important matters in our lives regular way (five groups).


This wheel is comprised of three parts: one part which rotates and two permanent parts.

 1. body in the front.

 2. rear cover.   

 3. wheel - between the body and the rear cover (where the initials are found).

The wheel’s teeth can be seen from both sides of the wheel, whereas, the groups of the letters can only be seen through the window in the upper part of the body. The openings allow both right-handed and left-handed users to turn the wheel comfortably. And the window is created to show only one group of three letters at a time. 

Important: In order to get to know the prayer wheel, it is important to know how many moves the wheel makes in order to complete a full rotation. We can discover this by putting the first group of letters (aleph, bet, gimmel,אבג ) in the window. (this group has a vertical line engraved to its right) Then we start to move it with our fingers until we see the last group (this group has a vertical line engraved to its left tzadik, yod, taf,צית).

If the wheel gets stuck, just press it with your finger or move it to the other side and it is easily released. All wheels have been checked before delivery.                   

How we use the praying wheel 



A. Each user must find a position which is most comfortable and convenient for them. ( sitting or in bed, etc.)

B. Hold the wheel and turn it clockwise. The wheel must make at least three full rotations (read the remark in the introduction). Continue to rotate it until you feel that there is no more need.

C. The wheel must remain in your hand until the end of the meditation. And once you have received an answer you must look at the wheel and say—silently in your heart—"baruch shem kvod malchutcha le'olam va'ed".  (translation "GOD BLESSED FOR EVER").

An important note before using the wheel for the next two purposes. If the wheels  owner want to assist to his friend or client he must remember that only the person who need the answer should turn the wheel.   


Think about a subject that is of interest to you or a wish (only one). You have to phrase it simply and concisely and write it down. Then you start to rotate it (clockwise) for a long time until you feel that you can stop.  Write down the group of letters you see thru the window. If you see two letters from one group write the whole group but if you see two letters from two different group, you have to rotate it again. From the group you received you will find your answer. If you don't reach any reasonable answer, leave it and try later on. You can repeat the process for the same problem only once in ten (10) days.



This is a challenging task and demands patience and concentration.

You have to concentrate on your issue and to write it down on a piece of paper in the most accurate, clear, and concise way. Then you take the wheel and start to rotate it clockwise. It should make at least one full rotation. Stop when you feel that it’s time to stop. Look at the window and write down the group and the letters of the group seen thru the window underneath your question. You must write the groups according the order of the appearance. You repeat this procedure until you have five (5) groups. If you see two letters from different groups through the window you have to turn it again, but if you see two letters from one group you can write the full group. It is possible that you have one group two times or more.  You are finished when you have five groups. Now start to look and concentrate on the word belonging to your groups. The best thing is to copy those words from your five groups and then look and concentrate. Then start to write the words which you feel are related to your question or problem. Start from the first group and go forward according the order of their appearance. Remember that this work is made by your feelings and not your brain. When you finish you have a group of key words and from them you will make your answer. Look at those words and try to write your answer.

In your answer you will use more and different words but those words (from the groups) are the key words and they will lead you to the solution.

The five groups are:

1. The First Group: Why I am asking or what I want to get and what I need to know about my question.

 2. The Second Group: Am I ready? Is it good for me?

3. The Third Group: How to analyze and plan? What is the best way for me, alone or with partners? What factors should I take into my considerations?

4. The Fourth Group: How do I reach my goal, step by step?

5. The Fifth (and final group): The result.

At the end you have 5 chapters which make a story. This is your answer or the solution to your problem.

In case you don’t find an answer it is possible to look for more words from the groups YOU CHOSE. But if no answer was found and you feel stuck, it is recommended to rest for a couple of days and then return to find the answer. If there is no answer you can repeat the same procedure again but it must be after an interval of eighteen days (18) between the last time you operated the wheel to find the answer.

If you have a new problem to solve there is no need to wait eighteen days. It is forbidden to use your emotions and brain but only feelings and senses. Do not press yourself to have an answer. Let your heart to guide you. The key words should awake your senses and guide you. It is also recommended to write the answer down.

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  Key words to "ANA B’KOACH" prayer 

aleph, bet, gimmel אבג

Grace, fortune, money,  goal,  control,  wandering,  innocence,  death,  prevention,  distances, to ending,  stop,  protection, right,  awaken,  send, progress,  speed, difficult,  secret, exile,  small place,  abundance, foolishness.  

tzadek, taf, yod  יתצ

Anger, suffer, order, pride, poverty, to change place, to lower one’s values,  panic,  mercy, delay,  disgusting, border,  medicine, calmness, duty, payment, memory, ending, obsolete, power, authority,  exposing, voyage.       



Kof, resh, ayen  קרע

Happiness, demon,  growth, rank, humiliation, contempt, wisdom, indecision, border, guilty, destruction,  religious belief, support,  bragging,  to direct, to divert, voyage, progress, splendor, pure,  to change place, going out, small.

Shin, tet, nun  שטן

Living accommodations, obedience, indulgence, cheating, giving, friendship, authority, distance, readiness, law, change, struggle, creation, unclear.


Nun, gimmel. Daled  נגד

Effort, direction, to be flexible, cleanliness, prosperity, to hide, mystery, life, movement, control, abundance, finality.

Yod, caf, shin  יכש

Preliminary, feminine, long journey, supervision, damage, to follow, reaction, excuse, detachment, separation, creation, destruction, speed, safe-keeping.


Bet, tet, resh  בטר

Judgment, reason, connection, family, war, knowledge, payment, debt, collection, delay, up, upper class, agility, keen, mystery, outcome, communication.

tsadik taf Gimmel, ,  צתג

Honesty, change, judgment, rest,  safe-keeping, uprooting, division, movement, belief, action, mission, strike, fundamental, acceptance/receiving, bending, must, guilty.

Het, kuf, bet  חקב

Dependence, performance, fulfillment, blessing, livelihood, fortress, inner, simplicity, period, madness, endowment, connection, harmony, falling, order, gives life, responsibility, running wild,  disappearance, cover.

Tet, nun, ayen טנע 

According to the plan,  agreeable, movement,  liberation, purification, falling, whole,  life, storm, belief, friend, trouble, existing.

Yod, gimmel, lamed  יגל

Help, togetherness, cooperation, perception, limitation, separation, mission, endowment, confidence, authority, purification, hiding, disagreement.

Peh, zayen, kuf  פזק

Change, salary, inner, new beginning, prolonged, family ties, unfamiliar, fraud, making, attention, silence, depression, journey, vanishing, difficulty, cover, glow, protect.

shin kuf, vav,  שקו

Complete, intermission, protection, destruction, communication, friend,  storage, stubbornness,  screening, simple, charity,  depression, rioting,  distance, light, small.


Tsadik, yod, taf  צית

Demand, be outstanding, time, timing, focusing, anonymous, finality, new beginning, upper class, hidden, friend, awareness, connection, residence, permission, framework, poverty, suffering.

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