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  Ana Bekoach Prayer Wheel 

A high power tool based on one of the strongest prayers ANA B'EKOACH. Aimed for meditation and also to receive answers for the most important question in our life.

This praying wheel contains in itself the whole  "ana b’koach" prayer. In the inner wheel, only the first letter of each word is represented ( aleph, bet, gimel,אבג  etc. ). On the outer wheel the last line of this prayer is engraved. It is the last line that is spoken at the end of this prayer. Read Instructions

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Read Instructions

Prayer Wheel Amulet 


  Tree of Knowledge

Tree of knowledge

Assist to understand every thing happened to us and to the society surround us.

silver & high quality tourmaline


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Tree of Knowledge


  David Star Amulet

The 'star of David" is known for its ability to supply defense to its wearer. to this jewelry cods are added to enhance its power. In the top of the star engraved the letter "HE" in ancient Hebrew. around the star there are a rotating ring. On its rear side are engraved groups of  letters symbolized subjects that creates defense. It is done by placing the letter in the opposite side of the letter "HE". If this letter in the gap between letters the defense ability is general. Here is the meaning of the groups:

  Health    בר



   physical protectionה.ג

   spiritual protectionה.ר


    against evil eyeנער

      financial protectionהמ

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David Star Amulet




 Bring feeling of joy and Assists     to see the good aspects of life  

design in  blue topaz,  Peridot,  amethyst

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Happiness Trio


  High Priest's Blessings

brings protection and prosperity. The whole priest blessing (Hebrew) is engraved in the back.

925 sterling silver & turquoise.  $85.00

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Priest Blessing


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