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Proof of the Soul  

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Proof of the Soul

by Cheryl Glover

For years, I have been between the dividing point of philosophy and science. I worked for years in an engineering company trying to explain business terms to engineers. This gave me a great deal of practice when it came to explaining spiritual terms to non-spiritual people. This, of course, is enough to make a person schizophrenic. I would oscillate between left-brain and right-brain as needed. Like all business people, I learned to be flexible and to be in the left or right as needed.

However, the major question (going back to my philosophy school days) is can we prove the existence of the soul? A great philosophical question almost as magnanimous as can we prove the existence of God.

Since I spent many of my college days debating the proof of God's existence, I will not error and try that again. However, years ago I knew the formula for proof of the soul. I was recently reminded of this point and decided to tackle this again.

 Years ago the spiritual community adopted the banner: "we are spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit." This perspective and change of orientation launched major spiritual movements from understanding healing, psychic phenomenon to the launch of new more open type of religions such as Unity and Universalism.

In fact, the flag-- I AM spirit can be  waved in multiple creeds, beliefs, ideas and sentiments. Mostly, it can be felt.  It can be felt because when a person believes they are spirit foremost they behave differently. As spirit, I am responsible not only for my actions, but for my attractions. In other words, I am attracting: good, lessons, challenges, people that I like, other people, prosperity or lack, love or not love, care or not care. As spirit, I know my job is to emulate the Creator. This is what has led so many people to the study of Kabbalah. It is by connecting to the Divine qualities, the 13 aspects of the Divine, and using the correct role model, that we connect with our own Divine Soul. It is the understanding of the Oneness of our Creator and our Soul, that holds this unique connection to peace, consciousness and our evolving spiritual journey.

Proof of the Soul: One can simply say, "the proof is in the pudding" and leave it as that. This would not be sufficient. When I was working on my PH.D in Philosophy, I did a talk on Albert Einstein as a philosopher. It was there, that I started to understand metaphysics on a much deeper level. Metaphysics sometimes is described as the gap between what physics can prove and physics cannot prove. It requires  a theoretical assumption to bridge this gap. It also, can be described as the theories which define our world but which we haven't yet proved. For example, the theory of atoms and gravity were metaphysical concepts for early scientists until sub atomic microscopes were invented. The world reacted as if these theories were true, but it could not be proven. On the other hand, (and I'm not going there) can the concept of God be proven or dis-proven?  Ever? UFO's often take the same fate. Psychic phenomena also fall under this category.

While studying Einstein though I came to a metaphysical theory just like he did:  E=MC2    Energy= Mass * C(Speed) 2  This is Einstein's first LAW of thermodynamics. In English, it says Matter & energy cannot be destroyed it can only be changed from one to the other. "On the most basic level, the equation says that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Under the right conditions, energy can become mass, and vice versa. We humans don't see them that way—how can a beam of light and a walnut, say, be different forms of the same thing?—but Nature does."1

Now, while I've had this discussion with ufologists and physicists, and have not necessarily been successful in proving my point, I believe that the answer to spirituality and proof of the soul lies in Einstein's formula. If we matter (mass) cannot be destroyed but can only be changed into energy, doesn't this describe the spiritual ascent. The changing of our mass by raising of vibration. Yes, I understand that it may be a leap of faith that this energy retains its intelligence, its memory, its essence-- however, why can't it?  Just as Nova says, "... a beam of light and a walnut can be different forms of the same thing?" Why can't the human body and the soul be different forms of the same thing? Hmm, that actually makes sense in light of what Nova says. The leap that I might make is that instead of calling it energy i call it Light. I AM Light (I AM spirit)-- oops (here I go again) -- and God is Light.

Light & Light to you,  Cheryl

1: Read more about Einstein's formula: Nova, Einstein's Big Idea
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