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Our Prosperity Model

As a non-profit New Thought Kabbalah has a prosperity model, as opposed to, a business model:

  • We offer low cost spiritual products to the consumer

  • Some times our prices are just a few dollars over cost

  • Our goal is to put spiritual products in the hands of the seeker

  • "We bring spirit to your door;"

  • We offer unique and authentic Kabbalistic and spiritual products

  • We distribute globally to the spiritual seeker, as best we can

  • The more we can put spiritual products in the hands of the seeker, the more there is connection to Spirit. This increases happiness, prosperity, and therefore increases the Light in the world.


Our Prosperity Statement
  • We propagate Light by bringing spiritual products at low cost to the world
  • The more people reaching for the Light, the more positive energy in the world
  • The more positive energy the more prosperity
  • The more Light, the more prosperity
  • The more prosperity, the more energy available to heal, love and Light the world
  • We are the Light of G-d== this equals prosperity

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