Tree of Life Pendants  &  Bracelets

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Tree of Life Pendants


Tree of Life Pendants
Representing the 10 paths of wisdom the ten cabochons are -
White Moonstone
Black Onyx
Grey Labodorite
Red Garnet
Blue Iolite
Purple Amethyst
Yellow Citrine
Green Peridot
Pink Tourmaline
Brown Tigers Eye
Emanating from the pattern of the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life has ties to many ancient cultures. With its 10 colored points it reflects upon creation as a process involving 10 divine numbers of God. Together with the associated 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the Tree of Life is said to constitute the 32 paths of wisdom.

3/4" Diameter charm in

. Available in all Sterling Silver in 3/4"

Sterling Silver

 3/4" $72.00


   no longer available


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