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What Clients Say


Dear Cheryl,

At the age of 47, I know that I am blessed in many ways and I am very thankful for all that I have.  Yet, I am compelled to find the reason my life is not as balanced or as joyful as I feel it could be. After researching many possible avenues for self improvement over several months on the internet, at book stores, etc., I came across your website.   Something obviously hit a chord with me and I made an appointment for “Healing and Guidance”.   I’m will always be amazed at how you identified, with laser-like precision, the core issue from my childhood & how it impacts my life, within the first five minutes of the consultation.  I felt relieved to know that you understood, held no judgment and truly wanted to help me on the path to a richer, more joyful life.  Your suggestions are great and the exercise you have me working on is very helpful.  The distance healing is amazing…..I don’t understand it, but accept it thankfully.  May you continue to be guided and blessed in your work & I will look forward to talking with you again soon. 

Warm regards,


I must say that was THE most powerful healing I've received...I literally feel as if I underwent a physical surgery! That area in between my heart chakra and my solar plexus is very sore, like an open wound. 


I cannot Thank you enough Cheryl for all of your assistance, services and mostly for the bright light that you are.

You are one very special lady and one great big loving, caring soul! A rarity in this day and age.

Blessings, Gina


Working with Cheryl has helped me put into perspective what I have gleaned from years of other therapies. Her gift of intuition is equaled by her vast knowledge in many schools of thought and healing modalities. Cheryl's compassion and commitment to help others raise their consciousness is a blessing for all who cross her path.

Blessings,  Jennifer

Cheryl has been my teacher and mentor for over ten years. Her spiritual guidance, wisdom, and keen intuition have helped catapult my spiritual growth in ways I know would have taken a lifetime without. A session with Cheryl is like spiritual Pilates - stretching and strengthening my soul to be in tune with God's direction.      Janice


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Cheryl Glover
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