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What The Bleep is This?:  2004:   Review

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

Movie Review:  I thought I would review this movie as my weekly input.  Rarely does a movie come along that speaks of values, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, cosmology, and belief systems.  This is the movie.  If you do not see anything else this year, see this.  I would say that it is the most Kabbalistic movie I have seen.

This movie is based on physics.  It is factual, scientific and easy to understand. However, it is also, fun, imaginative, and spiritual.  It speaks to human's understanding of our own universe. 

The important point of this movie, however, is about possibilities and creating our reality. Since we create our own reality, we and only we are responsible for the outcome.  There are unlimited possibilities and choices in the Universe.  It is US that does not believe it.  And so time and time again we choose the same outcome.  And so, when we open ourselves to undreamed of possibilities, we can turn those dreams into reality.

And so, I'd like to thank the team of dreamers and scientists who had to guts to come together to bring us this rollercoaster of possibilities.

In Creating from the Soul, I use a similar concept of physics to help the reader understand the spiritual possibilities. Our thoughts (negative and positive) create our reality. The energetic nature of the "thought form" becomes the infrastructure for the basis of our world. When we change our thoughts we can change our lives. The importance of this point in the movie and the book should be emphasized. When we think positive thoughts, say positive words, and pro-actively create we manifest a better life. When we think negative thoughts, allow our lower-selves to create, or reactively create, we manifest a diminished life. Creating from the Soul is about raising consciousness. When we raise our consciousness we become aware of the Thought Forms which create our reality. The movie "What the Bleep..." depicts how our perceptions, words, thoughts, and even dreams create our reality. Creating from the Soul is about how to choose a better reality.


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