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Why Women are Blessed

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Why Women are Blessed:

Cooking for the Soul

by Cheryl Glover

Thanksgiving is a hectic holiday where food is one of the most important elements of the festivities. Women usually play an important role in getting this together. At a time when the rest of the family is thinking about the food, the fun, the games, the people, most woman are concentrating on the getting the meal together and managing the event. Although, not limited to women, there are many men who are single Dad's or just more aware. I include you in this article. In fact this is not about cooking and caring, but about giving. So whatever way you give, this is for you.  I offer this as one way of being blessed. Not as the only way.


 When we learn about Kabbalah we learn about the idea of receiving in order to give. Furthermore, the idea of serving others, of giving of oneself, is one of the most important ideas. Suspending our ego to be of service to others, is a blessing. Why? Because by sending out the good energy, we will attract the good energy back. This is exactly how the Red String works also. Therefore, it is at Thanksgiving that we emulate Rachel: the compassionate Mother always giving selflessly.

What are the steps towards redemption?: Service, Charity, Honor, Selflessness, Transcending the Ego, Sharing & Accountability. During Thanksgiving it usually falls on the women to embody these traits. Often, everyone else is watching the Game. The act of actually preparing for your family, sharing with strangers, making sure everyone else receives can actually move you towards your own spiritual awakening.

The act of charity and doing good deeds is called a Mitzvah. In fact there are 248 Mitzvah associated with climbing consciousness. Sometimes the smallest act of cooking a dinner and sharing this could be a Mitzvah. In fact it says in the Midrash:

"Be as careful [in Hebrew, "zahir"] in [the performance of a seemingly] minor mitzvah as with a major one." (Avot, 1:2)


The word "zahir" (translated here as "be careful") is related to the word "zohar", meaning "light", and hints to the soul. Thus, with this meaning, the above statement teaches us that the soul will be illuminated by a "minor" mitzvah just as it is illuminated by a "major" mitzvah because, "G-d desires the heart"

( Baal Shem Tov, Tzva'at HaRivash 1:17)

Each mitzvah has its unique intention and draws down divine light in its own particular way, according to the distinctive nature of that mitzvah. In addition, all of the mitzvot are interconnected and, by fulfilling each mitzvah, a person connects to the supernal light in all of the mitzvot together. And, just as a person will expend all his energy in avoiding becoming maimed in one of his limbs, so must he do in a spiritual sense. He must make every effort not to be maimed in one of his spiritual "limbs" - even in one mitzvah. Therefore, our Sages tell us, be careful in a "minor" mitzvah just as in a "major" one.

(Rabbi Dov Ber Shnueri, Torat Chaim, Ex. p.493)

Thanksgiving: a way of drawing down the Divine Light? Wow, and I thought I was just cooking. Therefore, this minor Mitzvah can be used as a way of drawing down the Light. Isn't this the true meaning of Thanksgiving: Sharing food with family, strangers and friends. Giving to those who do not have. Understanding the fellowship of Man. Putting aside our differences, our nationalities, our diversity and coming to a unified goal of peace.

IS THIS A MINOR Mitzvah, when it is done on a National level?

Light & Light to you,  Cheryl


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