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The Kabbalistic practice of meditating on the 72 Names of God can connect you to the divine aspects of the infinite spirit. These are the same aspects that each of us needs to perfect and improve upon. Meditating upon these "names" can connect you to the energy of transformation, assisting in raising consciousness and transforming your life.

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72 Names Cards for Divination and Self Guidance Tarot

from Israeli Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan. Orna's deck is more suited to esoteric uses and a work of art. See her 72 name poster & print here. "The Fountain of Life" & "Wheel of Wisdom".


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 This card deck is convenient and can be used for meditation and spiritual practice

The Seven Blessings:

7 blessings

The sacred 72 names of God open the passages to internal spiritual growth which reflects on the physical plain of existence. Gazing at the letter combinations shall fill you with joy and vibrant energies and bring blessing to all the areas of your life.

The pocket size amulets are available as a package of “The Seven Blessings” $13.00
come in Love, Health or Prosperity:
  • Success and prosperity
  • Joy and happiness
  • Healing and good health
  • Love and soul mates
  • Protection from the evil eye
  • Balance and harmony
  • Peace, tranquility and unconditional love

King Solomon 9 Amulets $13.00


Contain these seals:  1- King Solomon seal for health and healing, helps relieve pain and physical trauma 2- King Solomon seal that will help you achieve courage, ambition and enthusiasm to fulfill your goals 3- King Solomon seal that will help fulfill all your desires and wishes 4- King Solomon Seal that will help you attract love and admiration, and find the right partner. Boosts harmony and fertility in marriage 5- King Solomon Seal that will make people attentive to your needs and fulfill all your wishes 6- King Solomon Seal that will open all the doors and locks and release you from any limiting situations 7- King Solomon Seal for wisdom, learning and acquiring knowledge in any subject. It will help you understand the thoughts of others 8- King Solomon Seal that will help you attract success and abundance, honor and prestige 9- King Solomon Seal that will guard you in trips, travel and business, help avoid danger and protect against the evil eye

72 Name Posters & Decks

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TOKENS OF LIGHT: Based on the TREE OF LIFE 22 Hebrew Letters
According to the Kabbalah, each letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a unique energetic track in the physical plane, and therefore – in your personal life.  The 22 Hebrew letters represent attributes, energy currents, forces and capacities that are involved in human life. Each letter and the way it is pronounced indicate a distinctive spiritual power on which it consists.  Get reliable answers to your substantial questions with the Tokens of Light:  "What are the forces that influence the (questionable) situation right now?” "What is my purpose and where do I want to get regarding the subject in question?” “What should I do now in order to influence the situation? What action should I take?” “What should I expect and to what direction will the matter develop in the future?” The elegant box contains a cloth bag in which you will find 68 double-sided “coins” and a detailed interpretations booklet. Two of the coins are used as amulets and should not to be included in your readings The 66 reading coins:  In order to receive an answer to your question, place your hand into the bag and mix the coins inside as you focus on your question. When you feel that you have reached the “right” coin, draw it out of the bag. The front side of the coin shows its number (1-66), and underneath it, a Hebrew letter with a serial code to which your answer relates. (Alef to Tav). The back side of the coin shows an illustration that reinforces the messages received from the front side of the coin and helps you connect to your answer visually.  The detailed interpretation booklet gives you an explanation about the power of the 22 Hebrew letters, how they affect your life, how to use the Tokens of Light, suggested spreads, and 66 answers that correspond with the numbers appearing on the 66 tokens
72 Name Posters & Decks

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ISBN:1-57189-135-8         Pub Date:2003

The Kabbalistic practice of meditating on the 72 Names of God can connect you to the divine aspects of the infinite spirit. This book brings you the story behind the Kabbalistic practice and the meaning of the 72 Names of God.

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