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Amulets and Jewelry for health, protection, success and many more, based on the world of the Kabbalah. Unique rings including Amulet Rings and Rabbi Blessed Rings.  

 Five Metals Rabbi Blessing Kabbalah Healing Rings

New Five Metals Bracelets







Five Metals Rabbi Blessed Ring

5 METALS VIRTUE RING - This very unique ring is manufactured according to instructions from the Holly books "Sefer Refuah ve Hayim" (The Health and Life Book) - only once a month while Jupiter domineering the Moon - during 5 hours only (1 AM to 6 AM).
The combination of the five metals and the manufacturing process gives the wearer of this original ring - positive energy, prosperity, success, helps healing, good luck, saves from evil eye and all devil.
The word "Maccabbi" is engraved inside the ring. It stands for the Hebrew saying: "Mee Kamocha B'eileem Adonai" or "Who else is like you in the eyes of God?"

The ring comes with a special blessing for prosperity and healing by the well known Rabbi Jacob Ifergan; who is also supervising the manufacturing process ensuring it is done exactly as described in the Holy books.


  These are custom made, non-returnable from Israel 3-5 weeks.
  $130.00     State size. Email for other sizes.  Sale $99.00
Size Size

Gold Kabbalah Power Ring


Gold Five Metals Rabbi Blessed Ring 14KT Yellow & White Gold

 14Kt Five Metals Only email for price gold keeps changing Only to size 12

MK0105G   14KT Yellow GOLD Band and white gold top & 5 Metals GOLD Ring

   Five Metals :

Custom made 2-6 Weeks The 5 metals gold ring is not stocked & only can be made once a

month, so if you order at the wrong time of the month you have to wait for Jupiter.

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  Email first for price.

Kabbalah is an ancient Hebrew mystical system of thought. While it derives from the mystical interpretations of the Old Testament, it has become the fastest growing spiritual movement in America with followers from all religious backgrounds. Awareness of Kabbalah has risen in recent years thanks in part to well known celebrities who have embraced the study of these mystical teachings.



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