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Choosing God:  Faith, Choice and Holiness

 By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

Should we do what our ancestors have done?

I have heard that one indication of insanity is to make the same mistake repeatedly, and hope for different results. When I look at tradition, I want to be certain that I am not replicating my ancestor’s mistakes; however, I also want to gain from their wisdom.

The Zohar tells us that God offered the Torah (Old Testament) to 72 nations.  All of them turned it down for various reasons.  What would become Israel accepted them, without even knowing the contents.  They blindly accepted the Torah from Moses’ hand.  They accepted that God would lead them, show them, and protect them.  They (we) are a people of faith.  In fact, faith becomes the defining factor.  Why?-Because they chose God.  This is not how religion teaches this concept. Religion teaches that the Jews were the chosen ones.  The Zohar tells us the opposite; it was the Jews who chose.  What did they choose?  They chose God; God’s ways, God’s wisdom, and God’s commandments.

In modern times, my definition of spirituality, as opposed to religion, is choosing the Divine and the Divine path--in other words, choosing God.  Knock on God’s door and God will answer.

Choice seems to be a theme in the Torah and the Zohar. For example, God offered Adam a choice between life and death.  He then hinted to Adam, “Choose life.”

Another defining factor of my ancestors is blessing God, praising God and respecting God’s sacredness (unfortunately called fear in the Bible although the Hebrew actually translates “in awe” and thus is misleading).

So what of all the traditions that religions have?  Do I need to do all of that? The answer is simple.  Choose God.  Understand what came from God and what came from Man.  If you side with Man, you choose from ego.  If you side with God, you choose holiness. How can one be certain?  The answer, of course, is inside of you.  Spiritual people go deep inside and challenge the evil, the ego, and the traditions.  They challenge it not to rebel, but to ascertain and find God. This discernment is important because without it you are not choosing.  You would merely be following what your ancestors say to do. 

Additionally, it is important because it helps you find your Truth or your faith. Merely following tradition would not mean you have real faith. You might do this, because you were conditioned to do it.  Faith lies on the other side of challenge.

Finally, God should be an experience, not a distant thought. It is only by feeling the awe of God’s energy that you can confirm your faith and your choice continually.

Here’s a hint:  Choose God.


 Blessings and Light

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