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In God, We Hate?????



An Islamic preacher on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority gave a fiery sermon broadcast on PA television in which he vowed Muslims would rule America and called Jews an AIDS-like virus that will soon be finished off.

"Allah has tormented us with 'the people most hostile to the believers' – the Jews," said Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris in his Friday sermon, which is viewable on the Middle East Media Research Institute website.

#669 - Palestinian Friday Sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris: Muslims Will Rule America and Britain, Jews Are a Virus Resembling AIDS Palestinian Authority TV - 5/13/2005 - 00:04:56


This week’s spiritual wisdom newsletter is not in response to this sermon, but in spite of it. How is it that there can be people who live in the realm of “…in God we Hate?” This is not a single instance of this. This is not about one religion, one belief. As an example, we have in the U.S. the KKK that spews the same kind of hatred of others.

 I sometimes believe I live in a different world. In my world, I could be angry with someone who directly harms me, or those I love. I could have hatred of someone who intentionally tries to hurt me. I could defend myself, my family, my country. However, I cannot hold onto anger and hatred. What would happen if I held onto these? It would mean, I could not hold onto G-d, or Divine energy, Divine thoughts, words, or Names. So to anger for long, would mean I would deprive myself of G-d. If I held hatred, it would mean I was separating myself from G-d. The longer I held onto these negative emotions the further from G-d I would become. Eventually, there would not be any Divine parts of my consciousness. I would be “a lost soul.”

I would have to be masochistic to do this to myself. Alternatively, maybe I would seek power over others as a motivation. People who use hatred as a tool to control others have the deepest of spiritual afflictions. It is the ability to see hatred as G-d. This hatred becomes their idol. In fact, the people they hate, becomes their idols. What is the definition of ‘idol?’ An idol is a thing, idea, concept, way of life, addiction—anything that keeps you focused on your needs and not on others needs. The person becomes attached to the hatred, thing, or idea. They become monopolized with “hurting the other,” “taking over their country,” “destroying their world.” They become addicted to destroying. This they think is what G-d wants, never understanding that this is their lower-selves, their unhealed Egos.

Compassionately we recognize that these people hurt. We need to realize that their pain is intense. However, we also can be aware of certain spiritual guidelines. These are:

        Hate is always wrong;

        Love is right;

        G-d does not support hate, jealousy, murder, genocide, terrorism, or inflicting pain on others;

        G-d is One; we are One, One Soul. To hurt another is to hurt ourselves.

        In G-d’s Name, we do not Hate. We do not Murder. We do not harm. A message otherwise is a delusion of the ego.

        In G-d’s Name, we only Love.

I pray that the world finds the Divine and appropriately acts with both wisdom and understanding. I pray for each of us to see the Divine in each other. I pray for peace in all our hearts, in our homes, and in our countries.

Blessings,  Cheryl

Cheryl Glover is an author, spiritual teacher, Reiki Master and spiritual counselor. Author of "Creating from the Soul."

2005 @ copyright New Thought Kabbalah  Reprint is permitted with reference to New Thought Kabbalah and this link.  New Thought Kabbalah is a non-profit corporation.



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