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The Hand of God ~ Key Chains


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Catalog #4251505        $13.99
 Foot & Body Soak 455gr.

A wonderful body and mind spa treatment.
Use for callus tired feet, aching body parts
(hand, wrist, elbow, leg muscles) or as a whole
body aromatherapy treatment.
The Dead Sea Minerals and Essential Oils
offer you a total sensual experience
for your muscles, skin and spirit.

Instructions: Pour between on to four emcees in a basin or bath with enough hot water to allow the salts to dissolve quickly. Add cold water to obtain a moderately pleasant temperature.
Enjoy for 15 minutes and then rinse skin with warm water.
Warning: Do not use for skin with sores or scratches and avoid getting salt water in eyes.

455gr. 16oz.

Relaxing: With lavender & chamomile


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Catalog #4251956
Body Scrub 355gr.

A clean and fresh Body Scrub,
that is non-oily and easy to use.   

This unique Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub has been enriched with Vitamin E as well the healing benefits of Pure Essential Oils.
This Body Scrub will peel away and remove dead skin cells and leave your skin radiant, smooth, healthy and younger looking.

The beneficial combination of Dead Sea Mineral Salts and Essential Oils improves skin cell circulation while nourishing and moisturizing.

Direction: Shower or bath with Ein Gedi's Home Spa Shower Gel. Take generous amount of the Salt Scrub and massage gently over your body.
Using a gentle circular motion will exfoliate rough dead skin cells.
Leave Salt Scrub on for a minute, then wash off with water.

Refreshing: With bergamot, lime & spearmint.

Energizing: With kiwi & pear.

355 gr. 12 oz.  $16.99


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