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 Passing over Evil

By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

At holidays it is often a time to remember our faith and the courage of our ancestors. So much of our current religions and culture comes from misunderstanding what actually happened in ancient times. This misunderstanding often comes from Hollywood characterizations of Biblical or historical events. Hollywood is often, not only wrong, but often not even in the right century, location, or time. This is a dangerous condition, as people really believe what they see. Therefore, faith cannot be measured by what people say. A good example of this is what the five Books of Moses and the Zohar says about the Messiah.

There are two concepts of “the” Messiah. One concept is Messiah Ben Joseph. Messiah Ben Joseph came/will come before the age of the Messiah (beginning year 7000- one thousand years of the Sabbath.) There were six potentially Messiah Ben Josephs that were logged in the pre-centuries (including the famed Yoshua- Jesus). All of them showed the “signs” of performing miracles, being in the royal line of David, etc, etc. Perhaps there were even more that were not documented at all. Messiah Ben David, as per the Testament, will only come in the age of the Messiah (6000-7000.) This is before the End of Days and designed to assist in the ascension of souls. It is then we will have peace and all will be Divine.

OK, now I have insulted half of you, either made you mad, stirred up an unequaled unbelievable argument, or sent some of you into withdrawal or confusion. I probably also generated a slew of email. Let us take a step back.

In Kabbalistic terms the Messiah cannot BE, was not, will not BE A PERSON. It is a concept. You cannot prove nor disprove a concept. What is this concept? The concept of the Messiah is the concept of obtaining the highest Light, the top of the Tree of Life. Many people (prophets, mystics, etc) emulate this and have emulated this in our world. Therefore, what I am saying is that a person can behave Messiah-like. A person can speak and bring forth into the world Messiah wisdom. A person can behave Divinely or Messianic-ally. The job of the rest of us is to follow this person--- straight up the Tree of Life to the Light to total fulfillment. In fact, it is our job to become Messianic-like, to reach the Tree of Life. Each of us needs to do what the mystics have done. Reach the Light. In Kabbalistic terms the age of the Messiah will come when we each have overcome, our Ego’s- our evil tendencies, and reached the top of the Tree of Life.

In other words, we each need to become the Messiah, transform ourselves, and then help transform the world. This is not about belief or faith but more about work. Working on our own stuff to overcome the evil tendency. It is about gaining dominion over our thoughts, our actions and our hearts. It is about transforming negativity into positive action. Also it is about transforming selfishness into giving, charity and sacrifice. Most of the religions have these underlying principles. Ultimately, all of Kabbalah is about Passover: Pass over the evil, pass over the negativity, pass over the hatred, pass over the selfishness, pass over the “need to argue,” pass over the need to convince someone else (maybe they need time to be convinced), pass over the need to “hold on,” pass over the need to control, pass over your Ego.  Then, notice what attributes are Divine, and pass over to become Divine by emulating Divine qualities. Embrace the spiritual: Elijah, Joshua, Gabriel, or whatever you wish to call spirit, but embrace the One and Holy Name and become the Messiah.

May your find your Light & Messiah Happy & Easy Passover,

Blessings and Light



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