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Praying: The spirit and the method.

 By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

Prayer: Spirit of Prayer

Prayer is a worldwide activity. There are thousands of methods of prayer. There are different methods and mechanics of prayer, different purposes to prayer and different desired outcomes. Let’s see if we can make this clearer.

First question: what is the difference between prayer and meditation?

Answer: In prayer we talk to God, and in meditation we listen to God, our inner wisdom, our higher soul, etc. We will confine ourselves to prayer in this article.

I will also confine our answer to the Kabbalistic or neo-Kabbalistic answer.

Five levels of prayer correspond to the five Kabbalistic worlds as depicted in the Tree of Life:

This section from Rav Michael Laitman explains the ascension up the five worlds as obtaining the qualities or attributes of the Creator.

“The gradual process of conforming to the Creator in qualities; the systematic approaching of the qualities of the soul to those of the Creator is known as “the spiritual ascent.” The spiritual ascent occurs along the levels or steps known as sefirot.

In total, from the very first to the very last step of merging with the Creator, the spiritual ladder consists of 125 steps or sefirot. Every 25 sefirot constitutes a finished stage, known as a “world” or a “realm.” Thus, aside from our own state, which is known as "our world," there are 5 worlds.

The goal of the egoistic part is to reach the qualities of the Creator while still existing in us, in this world, so that in spite of our egoism we can still perceive the Creator in everything around us and within us. The desire for unity is a natural desire within us all. It is a desire not influenced by any prerequisites or inferences; rather, it is a deep knowledge about the need to unite with the Creator.”   Full article:

“Each level provides a different perception of the Creator, depending on each level’s particular properties. Therefore, those who have acquired the properties of a specific level see the Kabbalah and the Creator in a completely new way. Everyone who attains a particular level of the spiritual world receives the same perception as everyone else on the same level.

When the Kabbalists said, "Thus said Abraham to Isaac," it indicated that the Kabbalists were situated on the same level as Abraham. Thus, the Kabbalists understood how Abraham responded to Isaac, since in their spiritual state they were like Abraham. “

Therefore, reaching the five worlds brings out in us Divine qualities that we wish to obtain and free ourselves from selfish desires. The five worlds with the corresponding Sephira of the Tree of Life are:


The World of AdamKadmon

The World of Atziluth  (Will) (Keter & Chochmah)

The World of Beriah  (Creation) (Binah)

The World of Yetzira (Formation) Chesed, Gevurah, Tipareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod

The World of Assiya.  (Action)- Malchuth

The purpose is to obtain divine qualities. Obtaining divine qualities, of course, would also give us a different perception of our current problems, different capabilities (i.e. Divine capabilities), different solutions to our problems. One can see how by climbing this ladder we thus answer our own prayers by obtaining the wisdom and understanding of the Creator.

Assiya: How does this correlate to prayer? When we pray at the level of the World of Assiya, we would likely be praying in a selfish and perhaps manipulative way. I have received criticism in saying that most prayer is the attempt by humans to manipulate the Creator. God, please make this person love this other person. God, please see to it that this person is removed of their selfish thoughts. God, please heal me. God please see to it that we win the football game. This is as if, God is sitting up there with a scoreboard and deciding who gets and who doesn’t. It is often a child’s prayer, about needing, neediness, often from a victims place, where the Creator is the controlling factor. People often feel that their prayers are unanswered here. That is because they are using prayer as a tool to change their lives instead of doing what they need to do to change it themselves. Furthermore, since I run a blessings page, people often ask for miracles that are intrusive on other people: “Please pray that so and so will not do so and so.”

Now, we all understand that psychologically this is necessary for human development. Furthermore, at challenging times, this is something we really need for support. However, spiritual ascension to the higher qualities of the Creator, requires us to move on.  This world is the world of action, the purpose of prayer is to have actual creation take place in the world of Assiya by including the Divine qualities from the other four worlds and making the world of Action happen. In other words, having dominion because we have embraced the Creator and the Creator’s qualities. Interestingly, to do this we must pray from the other worlds.

Yetzira: Prayer from this place would look like the following: “Let me see the wisdom and the path that would allow me to find an alternative solution.” “Show me what I can do to help so and so?” “Give me the words that will support so and so who needs help.” “Show me how to heal myself.” It is more psychological in nature, more centered on an adult look at what they alternatives are and can be. It is structured to be looking for the inner wisdom and understanding and mature in its nature.

Beriah: Understanding that the purpose of prayer is to create or re-create, this is the stage of manifestation. In this stage, prayer is about being in an elevated state of mind, state of consciousness and state of the soul. It is about accessing our highest wisdom and our higher level of the soul. It is about integrating with the Divine aspects that we do not often have. In this stage, there is a thinner line between meditation and prayer. This is because we use some meditation techniques while having a Kavanah (intention). For example, we might: listen to the Hebrew Liturgy, integrate into Ecstatic Kabbalah prayers on CD or embrace the Hebrew letters and prayers like Ana Bekoach into our consciousness. It may be why most Hebrew prayers are in the form of song. This might also include embracing the 72 names of God. Furthermore, prayer is about knowing (DAAT) obtaining the Divine knowledge. We might hold onto a Divine Idea: I wish to seek a deeper understanding of this problem. I wish to see the global picture. I wish to impact world peace. What can I do to effect world peace? What can I do to assist the world? How can I be part of the Divine? This level is about embracing the Creator and manifesting a divine life for others and ourselves.

Atziluth: Atziluth would give us active manifestation almost at the level of creating miracles. We would actively think a thought or prayer and it would manifest through our will by connecting to the Divine will. There would not be any odds to the egoism vs. the Divine Will. God wants what we want. This would be because there would not be any egotistic separation between the two. We would be “in tune.” At most we sometimes glimpse this level, so I cannot possibly give instruction here, because, I do not know. ….

AdamKadmon: Total emergence with the ONE Soul. Prayer at this level would be the ultimate of “letting go.”

I’ve attached a link from my instructions for Rosh Hashanah last year:

LINK TO ROSH HASHANAH information and instructions

 Blessings and Light

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