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The Real Bible Codes: Including the Bible Codes program (CD-ROM)   Torah Codes

Some people call it the "Torah Codes", or the "Bible Code," and others, "Bible Codes" Either way, the Bible Codes are one of the most fascinating discoveries of this century.

We are referring to the discovery of Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS) Codes in the original version of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible describes in detail, people and events. Encoded in the text are words and phrases that describe people and events, and many times related words are found clustered together, to form a code.

The Bible Codes definitely exist. They foretell names and places of events throughout human history: Holocaust, Saddam Husein, Aids and The Asian Tsunami. These matters are powerful, hidden and enormous secrets. Because of their great hidden-ness, we don't have the ability to fully comprehend them.

The Program

The BIBLE CODES program is an advanced program for finding equidistant skip coded words in the Hebrew Bible. Now you can 'search' for and find your own magic equidistant code letter search 'finds' The program allows you to search Hebrew scriptures for hidden codes without knowing any Hebrew. Simply type the English word you want, and the program translates the word to Hebrew. The program then searches and analyzes the text, revealing hidden messages.


Hebrew/English/Russian synchronized text of the Bible

Hebrew/English dictionary

Multi-media tutorial presentation

Virtual Hebrew keyboard

Forward/backward search

Powerful database

And More...

Product Details
  • Product Details
  • CD-ROM: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Editorial Benei Noaj (September, 2004)
  • ISBN: 9568351108


Bible Codes 

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