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     On the eve of the holiday of Light, I reflect on how many people are hurting right now and cannot see the revelation of the Light in their lives. In these challenging times many people will focus on their worries, focus on the pain, and focus on the worst of times. Modern thought is that when we focus on fear we get more fear, focus on doubt we get more doubt, and focus on love and prosperity we will receive more love and prosperity.

      Certainly, in the story of Chanukah when the oil was taken, when there was nothing left for the night, the miracle of the Light burning for eight days reflects the focus on revealing the Light deep in our spiritual selves. Similarly, as the world is facing a lack of oil (prosperity) it is important to focus on the Light, that will reveal more Light, just as we should focus on prosperity and not the lack.

      Revealing the Light, is an interesting concept and one that is deeply seated in Kabbalistic belief. For the Light is there: it shines at the top of the Tree of Life (Keter). It is always there behind the veil. As a Kabbalist our job is to reveal that Light through our actions in the world. We reveal this by doing Mitzphahs (good deeds), charity and through loving others. We reveal this when we show up in the world as giving, loving people. And this is even greater when we show up as giving, loving people at a time of challenge and conflict. In fact, hard times present to us the opportunity to be greater, to reveal the light inside us and to help others see the Light of the Creator. It is an opportunity to shine. Even in the worst of times, e.g. war, there have been people who have revealed the Light in a great way. They have been more heroic, more loyal, more charitable, more giving, more altruistic, more caretaking, and more loving. They rise in our hearts and spirits and make lasting memorable impacts on future generations, leaving a legacy of Light in the wake of adversity. They are the historical figures that move us, inspire us and help us to understand our humanity as they live on in our minds and hearts.

      For each of us, we must face our own adversity and challenges in life. For each of us, we too must undertake the path to keep revealing the Light in the face of challenges. If you are responsible for a family, you must forge the way to the Light. If you are in a business you must lead that towards the Light. We have seen what happens when businesses lead away from the Light. If you are a teacher or parent, you must be the Light for your children. If you govern you must govern towards the Light. Could you imagine our world if this concept was embraced by our leaders? It might be vastly different than it is now. If you are on a spiritual path this is a concept that can be embraced and lived by. Others may fall around you, others may crumble but the more people being the role models of revealing the Light for each other, the more we can climb above the challenges and adversity and reach the goal of making the world more loving, more peaceful and more prosperous. It is important for each of us to know that the Light of Jerusalem shines on throughout eternity so as to reveal the Light. And that this Light is available as a source of comfort, source of energy and source of Love. When we use this Light to help others make the same climb we elevate them towards success. Now more than ever, it is time to take our eyes off ourselves and help someone, anyone else, climb to where they need to climb. Helping them reveal the Light inside and outside. A formula that can bring the Light to the world in the long awaited winter of our existence.  LíChaim To Life

Happy Chanukah and Shalom Aleichem-  Peace be Upon You.


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Cheryl Glover
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