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Cheryl Glover's Article on Unconditional Love


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New Thought Kabbalah  Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love

Channeled By Cheryl Glover, New Thought Kabbalah

This was a channel from the Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Love.

I thought an excerpt of the channel was appropriate

this week.

“Love as deep as your soul never ends.  It is an energy force of the Divine Creator. It is nothing else. It is not your circumstance. It is not about getting along and being civil.  It is not about that.  It is an energy force. Love never ends, never dissipates. It cannot it is a divine force.

The problem is about liking. For love is always there. You may mask it. You may hide it, but it is always there.  It is you that changes. You go into the Divine Force and you step out of the Divine Force. You step into the force of love and step out of the force of love. But it is always there.  You need only tap this force.  It is the problem with liking someone that is the issue, not loving. Your heart opens love is there. When you see divinity in your fellow, you see love and know love.  It is your nature.  It is when you do not like, you step out of the flow with that person.  What is “like?” It is judgment. It is the judgment of like that brings you out of this love. Understand, it is as simple as not judging and not (focusing on not) liking.  You are taught early to like and not like as if that is so important. Yes, it is ego where like and dislike comes from.  If you do not like or dislike, you love.  I know this is a strange concept that the problem is like and dis-liking. It is true.

The embracing of your divine self and another’s divine self is Love. Embrace the Divine.  It is when you stop embracing the Divine that you step out of love. It is not loving that is difficult, it is that you stop the flow of love.

Those you have loved you still love, and they still love you. They do not like you and you do not like them.  See if you can move like and dislike to the contemplation of the Divine Force.  Fullness, oneness: This is where love is.  Dislike begets criticism and criticism begets more dislike, and resentment.  All of it stems from you.  You step out of the Divine Force.

Step away from judgment away from like and dislike and you will step into love. The force of love is always there.  You are loved; it is you who stops loving, not God who stops loving.  Your planet obsesses itself with the discussion of God loving you when it should obsess itself with the concept of loving God.”

May we all keep loving, stay in the Divine flow and keep our eyes open.

Blessings,  Cheryl

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Cheryl Glover
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