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Product ID:  52D Amulet $19.99

Product Name:  Success & Protection Kabbalistic Amulet


This beautifully produced  24 Kt Gold  plated kabbalah amulet contains the various Names of G-d and G-d's messengers, the Angels. The person who carries it  is assured that the Angels shall watch over him/her to be successful in life. The size of this amulet is a little over 3 1/4 * 2.5 inches in diameter



The Kabbalistic amulets are 24 Karat Gold plated and measures a little over 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches ). Each amulet is made from metal and plated over the metal. The amulet is laminated so it will not get ruined by daily wear & tear and comes with its own plastic wallet. Made by Kabbalists in Israel where each amulet is prayed over and the appropriate Kabbalistic words are adhered. Includes the famous Ana BeKoach prayer which brings one to the Tree of Life.


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