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Healing Circle Series      Item No. CD Psychic Self Defense  





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Psychic Self Defense and Energy purification:

Ridding the self and home of negative psychic residue.

Learn to defend against psychic attack, defending against unwanted energy flows that we are all susceptible to. In this workshop Cheryl will teach you to empower your energy blocking abilities, create a more purified environment and techniques to bring yourself into a more purified state of consciousness.  If you are a healer, learn how to control your psychic abilities and not “pick up” others psychic or unhealed energy. If not a healer learn how to not get including other people’s moods.  Learn to protect yourself against anger and other negative emotions.  Includes house clearing and ghost management.





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Touching The Divine       Item No. 12Tape             9.99


Meditation by

Cheryl Glover

Music by Rosemary Conte

Touching The Divine: The 12 Chakras is a soothing guided

meditation that brings you beyond the seven chakras into

the Divine Realm.  Experience the Angelic and Divine levels

as you find your higher soul levels.

This meditation will assist you in:









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