Tallits Kosher (Enlarged)

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Acrylic Talit          Item No. TAL   $ 70.00 

Size: 18" x72" ```Acrylic Tallit


Aceton / Rayon blend. Size 18" X 72". These tallits are of excellent quality, feel like light wool, and are Made in Israel. Certified kosher card included. Includes standard white tallits.


$55.00 with blue Tallit Strings  Blue Strings are "Techelet" special made in Israel.



Tallit Wool        Item No. tallit Wool   $ 79.99  

Size: 24" x 72"


Description: The classic 100% wool tallit 24 x 72 . Certified kosher card included. Not available smaller


Choose Stripe Color:





Available with Blue Strings are "Techelet" special made in Israel. $92.50    

  $92.99 with Techelet strings

Add personalization  $10.50 

  $10.50 Personalize

  $79.99 with standard strings












Tallit Bnei   Item No. Tallit Bnei   $ 85.99  

Size: 18 x 72


Talis Bnei Bag and Kippah and matching bag included


    Choose blue or multi-color in message section of order

    Available with Blue Strings are "Techelet" special made in Israel. $107.50 


  $107.99 with Techelet strings

24x72 available add $20



Tallis Peace      Item No. Tallis Peace   $ 105.99  

Size18 x72"


A Talis Peace w/Bag And Kippah TPEA   Talis Peace w/Bag And Kippah. The Edge reads "Shalom Al Yisrael" which means Peace Unto Israel. Certified kosher by Vaad HaRabbanim card included. Acrylic & Rayon blend. NOTE: Price includes matching Talis Bag and Matching Kippah


Available with Blue Strings are "Techelet" special made in Israel. $127.50 


  $127.99 with Techelet strings

Add $35.00 for 24 x 72

Choose Blue/White;Maroon/Silver; Navy/Silver;Black/Gold


                             $125.99 w white strings

Rayon Tallit   $ 60.00  

Size: 18 x 72


The Shoham is a Rayon Talis with a print woven into the white section of the garment. The print represents the Blessing. It is a beautiful garment with a fine linen look and satiny touch. Available in 6 colors. Talis: Rayon & Polyester (Design Woven In) Fringes: Rayon & Polyester Tzitzit: Wool. Add $10.00 for 24 x 72.


Choose Blue/Silver;Blue/gold;Maroon/Gold; Black/Silver;Black/Gold




The Mezuzah signifies the sanctity and blessing of the home.
It is a portion of Holy Torah (The Old Testament) inscribed in the same manner.
It is an "original" sanctified document in accord with laws and precepts that dare not be compromised.
On this sacred scroll of parchment are inscribed two passages from the book of Deuteronomy.
It is customary upon entering or leaving a residence to touch the mezuzah.
This reverence acknowledges the belief in the declaration of faith which expresses
the unity of God, the duty of loving and serving Him with our whole being and our obligation to
observe the Mitzvoth (Deeds) in and out of the home.
Because it presents basic principles of faith the Mezuzah is our responsibility
to visitors as well as to us.
The Mezuzah sanctifies and protects the home, as well as fulfills the saying of the Psalmist,
"God will guard your going and coming from now and for all time."

Mezuzah Cases Gold ~        Item No. 15M   $ 9.99  

Size: 3.5" x 0.5"


Hand painted in vibrant enamel colors with the highest-grade pewter.

Each Mezuzah ornately depicts the 'Name of God' in Hebrew and the Western Wall
(The only wall of the Temple Mount which has remained since the destruction of the Second Jerusalem Temple (70 C.E.)

Other Mezzuzahs with Kosher Scrolls Click Here

Car Mezuzah - Silver or Gold          Item No. 15CM1   $ 9.99  
Car Mezuzah - Silver or Gold

Size: 2.5" x 0.5"


For He Shall Give His angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways.
    Psalms XCI

Great gift for a new car - Excellent gift for a new driver!

* Scroll is already inside the Car Mezuzah.


Choose Color



Size: 5" x 2"



KEY CHAINS    Hama Hand of God 

The Hand of God ~ Key Chains

Sizes about: 1.5" x 2"  gold tone

Hands and Blessings - Protection Key-Chains

These artistically designed Key-Chains portray the "Hand of God"
as well as other symbols of protection and good luck.
Hand painted with bright enamel colors.
The "Travelers Prayer" (in Hebrew) is engraved on
the back of the Hand.

Easy to carry as a keepsake for good luck
and protection everywhere you go!

"The Traveler's Prayer"
"May it Your will, God, our God and the God of our Forefathers that you lead us towards peace and You will save us from any enemy and ambusher on our way and from all kinds of retributions, and You will bring us to our destination in peace".   

A) white with Mazel (Luck)      B) Blue with Mazel (luck)

c) Blue with Shadai (Name of God) D) Blue with Chai(symbol for Life) (E) blue with: Jewish Star

F) Horseshoe Evil Eye Protection

Please Select Key Chain  
Please Select Key Chain



Jerusalem View Mezuzah

Size: 6" x 1"     Item No. 15M1  

Regularly $29.99

On Sale Only $19.99 Each

Ancient tradition combined with refined modern art.

A vivid portrayal of the beloved Jerusalem City!
These Mezuzah-Cases are made with high-grade pewter, bright metallic
materials and silver-plated.
Each Mezuzah-Case comes with a copy of a Scroll, which should be
rolled face up and inserted in the Mezuzah-Case.

A great gift, beautiful on front entrance door of your home or your office!

Specify Gold/ Silver or Silver/Silver

The Mezuzah-Case comes with a "copy" of a Scroll


Ornate Mezuzah - Gold or Silver

Size: 6.5" x 1"   
 Item No. 15M19

Regularly $29.99

On Sale Only $19.99 Each

Artistic design of gold tone or silver tone Mezuzah cases.

This rendition from Israel is truly a keepsake you will embrace!
Visitors to your house will admire it - It is a beautiful creative design!

Post this elegant Mezuzah on your home door-posts to bless your home.
Consider this unique Mezuzah as a gift of blessings to someone dear to you.

Remember these special gift occasions:
New home, New business, Weddings and Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs

Attractively gift boxed.
Each Mezuzah-Case comes with a copy of a Scroll.

Specify Gold or Silver

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